TheRealCindrella There are spoilers throughout this review This book was so good I read it in two days tbh, this story is similar to the A Cinderella Story but also different in many ways The crazy thing is both her parents died on her birthday it sucks, but at least she can now celebrate with those who care and love her Unlike her Step mom and sisters Though, her step sisters apologize to her finally for being mean unlike her step mom which turn out to be a good thing they even gave her a present earring which was something her and her father was planning to do for her birthday before he died I hated how her stepmom tried to blame for her father died I m like the nerve of that lady to say such a thing When Ella was only ten at the time, plus I was glad she made friends with Rey, Selena, and Harper and finally This was a cute YA retelling of the Cinderella story Ella has been left in the custody of her stepmother, Sophia, following the death of her father Sophia makes her do all the chores in the house to earn Sophia s help paying for college Sophia has two nasty daughters of her own, etc etc Ella has been texting Baller929 for over a year It started out as an anonymous study help tutoring thread, but they became friends He wants to meet her in real life, but she is insecure She s a nerd and he plays varsity basketball Fate conjures up a dance, a mysterious dress donation, a group of new friends to support her, and even a message from her father to help her Very cute retelling I would say it would even be appropriate for late middle school I don t recall any bad language and a couple kisses are all we get for the hormone level The ending had some surprising feat Modern Day Teenage Cinderella An All Star Varsity Basketball Player Will The Chemistry Disappear When They Go From Anonymous To Face To Face Geeky Ella Reyes Is At The Bottom Of The Totem Pole At Westwood High Her Ultra Popular Stepsisters Refuse To Be Seen With Her At School, And Every Day She Comes Home To A Mountain Of Chores Ella S Only Friend And Maybe Crush Lives On The Other Side Of Her Phone S Screen She And Baller Know Everything ß #TheRealCinderella ê Download by Ý Yesenia Vargas About Each Other, Except Their Real NamesWhen They Have A Chance To Meet At Her School S Halloween Ball, Ella Must Figure Out A Way To Get There Without Her Stepmom Or Stepsisters Finding Out Is Revealing Her Identity To Baller Worth Risking The One Good Thing Left In Her Life Or Is He Too Good To Be True Fans Of Cinder Ella By Kelly Oram And The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants books Will Fall In Love With This New Coming Of Age Series Start The First Book NowThis Is A Clean Young Adult Contemporary Romance Top 5 Things You Should Know as to Why This Book is Amazingthis might be long, so prepare accordingly Grab some tea, and then this book 1 It s actually innocent if you re like me, the surplus of nasty stuff in books is an immediate discharge for a book It drags the story down for me and doesn t increase my love for the romance at all In fact, it weakens it and is a real reason for my angst against the occasional YAschtuff You know But this This is just purely a well rounded, no worries read My heart is so happy For a clean Cinderella retelling that I adore for its innocence Thank you For a geeky girl and an honest jock who are entirely human than lovey dovey Because Ella is known for her kindness and geeky demeanor, smiles and openness Baller929 I didn t include his real name, so it wouldn t be spoiled is known for his outgoingness and non conformity, honesty Classic tale done differentI love fairytale retellings, especially when done by authors of color This modern take on Cinderella had reminded me a lot of A Cinderella Story when I first read the description I was glad to see that though there s a basic similarity to it anonymous texting between a popular jock and a smart wallflower, meeting at Homecoming, evil stepfamily it was nice to see Ella at least get girl friends I loved her relationships with the BFFs and how they played out I d love to see of them, though maybe I d love to see if one of them likes another one in the group I think it d be a great storyline to explore I often grew exasperated with how heteronormative the relationship between Ella and the girls were, but I was als Another cute ass book for the new year.
I feel Kindle is the man today Or maybe the woman Either way, it has been recommending books that I needed today and just didn t knowTheRealCinderella was pretty cute retelling book It also got me in the mood to watch, A Cinderella Story I can totally see the similarities because of the step monster and sisters Ella was just adorable too and it hurt my heart that she didn t feel loved by the people who were supposed to be her family Also, Sophia was just a monster and self centered.
Besides Ella, I loved the girls that magically became her friends They were always there for each other and it just felt genuine Then there s the mystery prince charming Now once she started look at a certain group of people I was definitely thinking it was a person th Û #TheRealCinderella Û I really can t say much about this book it was alright but not the best thing I ve read there are much better Cinderella retelling than this one, but the idea was nice If you ve seen A Cinderella story you ve pretty much read this book It was one of my favourite movies growing up, so I didn t really mind it, and I m such a sucker for a Cinderella retelling The plot is basically that movie plus The sisterhood of the traveling pants Some characters even are alike The basketball player view spoiler Jesse hide spoiler

I don t remember when was the last time I finished book in one sitting I think it was kind of book I need to get out of the reading slump Review to come It was an entertaining read but something I regret buying and I won t be checking out other books by this author.

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