My library labeled it a mystery Not in the traditional sense A blurb on the book called it YA and promised it would soon be a sensation The simple language and hand drawings do not make it a Young Adult novel it is just a novel I can understand why the label makers are confused, though it is an odd duck, combining an unadorned narrative style and quiet protagonist with the elements of family history, historical tragedy, and the mystery of figuring out who people really are including oneself.
A story within a story with an author as mysterious as the identity of Lemony Snicket At first, this could seem like a ditty about a writer and his antics, but as the reader dives deeper they become aware of the multiple dimensions to Daniel Roche Ascher The popularity and adult fandom of The Black Insignia series reminded me of grown up Harry Potter fans such as myself who grew up adoring the series staying just as enthralled as adults For me, the comparison was amusing.
The novel kept my interest with an Audrey Tautou, Amelie type character as the narrator H l ne leads us on a scavenger hunt with clues leading to a well crafted conclusion The secret behind The Black Insignia is heartfelt cast behind the horrid backdrop of the Holocaust The plot moved along at its own pace, allowing the reader to grasp the gravity of the situation and consequen I wrote this for the newspaper A family mystery unfurls as a young woman comes to Paris to stay with her strange great uncle Daniel Busy with her studies and a budding romance, H l ne isn t interested in getting closer to Daniel She knows him mostly from his unwelcome antics at holiday dinners and the series of children s adventure books that he wrote and she largely ignored That changes when she discovers that her college friends, and especially her boyfriend, are huge fans of Daniel s books.
The she gets to know him, the she puzzles over his place in the family The she learns, the she suspects that something deep in the past is affecting the present And where exactly does Daniel go on his travels This is a debut novel told through our heroine wit And here we are on a hypothetical archeological dig On the outside, the world seems normal with a happy family enjoying life and tolerating the eccentric Uncle Daniel The Travels of Daniel Ascher by French author Deborah Levy Bertherat is told by Helene who is attending a college in Paris to become an archeologist Who knew that her major project would be unearthing the family secrets kept so hidden that not even the participants knew all the details As Helene peels back each layer of her Great Uncle s story, she realizes there is to discover The key is Daniel Roche, a famous author of a popular children s book series, The Black Insignia, who has provided the apartment where she lives He is an uncle who she never quite understood, but now, after his return home from his world travels, she gets to know him better as he slowly ☆ Les voyages de Daniel Ascher ↠´ 2.
5 This was fairly disappointing First off, I m sure there were many things that were lost in translation However, there is very little depth to the characters which makes remembering them difficult when the author brings them up later I found myself re reading many sections, trying to figure out how everything was playing out It wasn t a terribly difficult book to follow, it was just a sign of how I was not at all into the book My mind drifted when I read quite a bit The structure of the dialogue was terrible Instead of quotes or using he said she said to mark dialogue, it was just one long string of dialogue, broken up by commas, which made it very difficult to follow.
As a whole, this book felt like a

This was a surprisingly meaty book for being so short Despite its length, L vy Bertherat conveyed a lot with her concise yet descriptive writing Archaeologist H l ne moves to an apartment in Paris above that of her great uncle, Daniel Roche aka H.
R Sanders, author of a popular adventure series What follows is a rediscovery of childhood both her own and those of her acquaintances that read her uncle s books , an unearthing of family history and what our roots say about us , an examination of whether reality or our own version defines our lives, and an inquiry into the origin of stories And yet it could also be read simply as an entertaining story of family mystery if one doesn t want to think deeply Of course, you ll have to do some thinking, because the author is very subtle and leaves the reader to connect many dot This slim novella is really a gem of a book but I didn t really appreciate it until 1 3rd of the way through Simplistically, this is the story of a great great niece whose Jewish uncle was a famous author of swashbuckling adventure stories He was adopted by the family during wartime when his own family was taken from him As an older adult she attempts to unravel her uncle s complicated history and finds a treasure trove of meaning in his books, his life, and his family The real issues are identity and race,a discourse on memory and the ability of the written word to change how we feel about ourselves.
A smash hit in France, it will profoundly affect you after the last page has been devoured.
Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC That place is awesome Cheers.
This is a really interesting idea The mysteries of a family are told in flashbacks, novelizations, family stories and pictures There are some touching moments in here The translator decided to have everyone talk in one paragraph without quotation marks I have no idea if this is how the original book was written, but I would recommend that it have those before final publication in the States It is what we are used to and it can get confusing I would hate to have someone put it down because that is hard to get past It was a quick read I got through it in almost one sitting Thanks again Net Galley.
Ugh, that was not the way to wind down the year The novel appeared interesting as I scanned the cover at the library I brought it home and was soon disappointed, though I thought I d push through Well, it is apparent that YA has infiltrated the New Fiction section at the public library Do we really need another murky whodunit concerning the Holocaust Such subject matter should be exempt from the dime store tropes, but alas the expiation continues.
Avoid this one.
Sensation In France, This Is A Story About Literary Deceptions, Family Secrets, And A Thrilling Quest For The TruthWho Is The Real Author Of The Black Insignia Is It H R Sanders, Whose Name Is Printed On The Cover Of Every Installment Of The Wildly Successful Young Adult Adventure Series Or Is It Daniel Roche, The Enigmatic World Traveler Who Disappears For Months At A Time When Daniel S Great Niece, H L Ne, Moves To Paris To Study Archeology, She [ Pdf Les voyages de Daniel Ascher Û mixed-martial-arts PDF ] by Déborah Lévy-Bertherat Û Does Not Expect To Be Searching For Answers To These Questions As Rumors Circulate, However, That The Twenty Fourth Volume Of The Black Insignia Series Will Be The Last, H L Ne And Her Friend Guillaume, A Devoted Fan Of Her Great Uncle S books, Set Out To Discover About The Man Whose Life Eludes Her In So Doing, She Uncovers An Explosive Secret Dating Back To The Darkest Days Of The OccupationIn Recounting The Moment When One History Began And Another Ended, The Travels Of Daniel Ascher Explores The True Nature Of Fiction Is It A Refuge, A Lie, Or A Stand In For Mourning

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