O teki renkler Other Colors essays and a story, Orhan Pamuk In the three decades that Nobel prize winning author Orhan Pamuk has devoted himself to writing fiction, he has also produced scores of witty, moving, and provocative essays and articles He engages the work of Nabokov, Kundera, Rushdie, and Vargas Llosa, among others, and he discusses his own books and writing process We also learn how he lives, as he recounts his successful struggle to quit smoking, describes his relationship with his daughter, and reflects on the controversy he has attracted in recent years Here is a thoughtful compilation of a brilliant novelist s best nonfiction, offering different perspectives on his lifelong obsessions with loneliness, contentment, and the books and cities that have 1999 2006 .
Orhan Pamuk u o kadar seviyorum ki Benim i in ba l ba na yazar na daha da yak nla ma kitab oldu bu Kitap Se me Yaz lar ve Bir Hikaye ba l yla sunuluyor okuyucuya ve bahsedilen o Bir Hikaye ile a l yor M kemmel bir selamlama Orhan Pamuk un neden Pamuk oldu una dair buruk bir i g r Orhan Pamuk teki Renkler in ns z nde bu kitaptaki yaz lar i in yle diyor Ak ll olmak i in de il, oyuncu ve yarat c olmak i in yarat ld ma kendimi ak ll ca inand rd m i in, onun hakl taleplerine kan p heyecanlansam bile o u zaman hi renk vermiyorum Bu kitap renk verdiklerimdir Pamuk un renk vermi halini okumak inan lmaz keyifliydi Yabanc bir lkenin park nda bankta uyuyup kalmas , insanlardan s k ld i in edebiyata s nmas ve bir s re sonra art k dinami inin buna d n mesi, yazarlarla kar la t caddeler, edebiyata olan tutkusu hepsi var kitapta zellikle Orhan Pamuk severlerin ok be enece ine eminim a

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Orhan Pamuk un okur y n n , kitaplar yla ilgili g r lerini, yazmaya olan tutkusunu renmek i in m thi bir kitap Sevdi im yazarlar n denemelerini okumak beni ok mutlu ediyor Onu daha iyi tan d m hissediyorum teki Renkler iyi ki okumu um dedi im kitaplardan oldu.
Other Colors, though a collection of short essays, is almostsatisfying than devouring one of Pamuk s novels because it gives us such an exquisite background on Pamuk s literary ideals and the Turkish zeitgeist It s difficult for me to explain the appeal of Pamuk without falling all over myself in platitudes It s almost as if Pamuk s writing is the Platonic ideal of writing every word is exactly right, every idea is perfectly expressed, and you think, That s precisely it No one could have said it better I d recommend this collection to anyone who d appreciate greater insight into Pamuk s writing style and intentions but even if you haven t read any of Pamuk s novels, dip into this collection for his excellent essays on Turkey s art, its architecture, and its complicated relationship with the West.
Öteki Renkler ã 2006.
Pamuk S First Book Since Winning The Nobel Prize, Other Colors Is A Dazzling Collection Of Essays On His Life, His City, His Work, And The Example Of Other WritersOver The Last Three Decades, Pamuk Has Written, In Addition To His Seven Novels, Scores Of Pieces Personal, Critical, And Meditative The Finest Of Which He Has Brilliantly Woven Together Here He Opens A Window On His Private Life, From His Boyhood Dislike Of School To His Daughter S Precocious Melancholy, From His Successful Struggle To Quit [ Pdf Öteki Renkler ✓ counselling PDF ] by Orhan Pamuk ✓ Smoking To His Anxiety At The Prospect Of Testifying Against Some Clumsy Muggers Who Fell Upon Him During A Visit To New York City From Ordinary Obligations Such As Applying For A Passport Or Sharing A Holiday Meal With Relatives, He Takes Extraordinary Flights Of Imagination In Extreme Moments, Such As The Terrifying Days Following A Cataclysmic Earthquake In Istanbul, He Lays Bare Our Most Basic Hopes And Fears Again And Again Pamuk Declares His Faith In Fiction, Engaging The Work Of Such Predecessors As Laurence Sterne And Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Sharing Fragments From His Notebooks, And Commenting On His Own Novels He Contemplates His Mysterious Compulsion To Sit Alone At A Desk And Dream, Always Returning To The Rich Deliverance That Is Reading And WritingBy Turns Witty, Moving, Playful, And Provocative,Other Colors Glows With The Energy Of A Master At Work And Gives Us The World Through His Eyes, Assigning Every Radiant Theme And Shifting Mood Its Precise Shade In The Spectrum Of Significance .
Manzaradan Par alar gibi, okumas ok keyifli bir Orhan Pamuk kitab inde hik yeler, denemeler, Orhan Pamuk un ve di er yazarlar n kitaplar hakk nda yaz lar var Orhan Pamuk un g nl k hayat hakk nda ayr nt lar da, k z R ya ile olan ili kisini de g r yoruz Sanki Orhan Pamuk un yaz masas na gizlice oturup rastgele yaz lar okumak gibi teki Renkler ve Manzaradan Par alar Orhan Pamuk u sevenler i in bulunmaz nimet Umar m en az ndan bir kez daha b yle bir kitap kar r.

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