Better editing neededLikeable characters, good setting, decent story, but some of the typos are distracting For example in the recipe, the crust called for old butter.
I really enjoy this series of Carolyn Dean s cozy mysteries Amanda and the town s characters just pull me in I love the twists and turns and I am usually surprised at the ending This particular book felt like a rushed story to meet deadlines I felt her first books in this series were much planned out and developed I would also like to see editorial participation The grammatical errors stop me in my tracts for a few moments This just wasn t my favorite of the books but I still love to revisit this town and people.
3 stelle e mezzaIn questo libro si parla pi della vita della protagonista che di altro Intendiamoci, la cosa non mi dispiaciuta l escursione in kayak mi ha fatto venire voglia di provarlo anch io , ma la storia gialla rimasta molto nel sottofondo e non mi ha preso per niente, quasi non ho capito la soluzione Not worth reading ☆ Sun, Sand, & Secrets (Ravenwood Cove Mystery #6) Û Almost marriedSo enjoying the mystery but right now I m anxious about the wedding of James and Amanda They are a great couple and I can understand her concerns about their roles as a married couple Carolyn l dean, do you promise after book nine I m getting so close and I don t want this to end

I ve become addicted to Carolyn Dean s cozy mystery series While I really enjoyed this particular one, I have to admit, it didn t feel quite as up to her high standards as the previous installments It felt a bit like a filler story instead of the highly developed mystery plot I ve come to expect from her The good news is that the book still featured the same delightful cast of characters, the same adorable setting, and pleasant writing style that can be found in all of Ms Dean s books.
Another winner I enjoy reading this series by Carolyn L Dean it is easy reading and heart warming tales of Ravenwood Cove with a delightful heroine and inn owner it has romance and mystery looking forward to the next book in the series I enjoyed this book.
I find this series to be a easy and great read I found this one to be a bit sad though.
Missing wordsThere a lot of missing words I couldn t make heads or tails out of the ending I think I missed something.
S Best To Keep The Past Dead And Buriedunless Forgotten Secrets Threaten Ravenwood Cove S Future Amanda Loves Her Old Fashioned Beach Town, But When A Grisly Discovery Uncovers An Old Mystery, She Begins To Wonder Just How Many Secrets Her Friends Are Keeping From [ read Online Sun, Sand, & Secrets (Ravenwood Cove Mystery #6) ¼ wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by Carolyn L.
Dean æ Her

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