I was so excited about this surprise release from Kate Avery Ellison I m a huge fan of her King Maker s War series This re telling of Little Red Riding in a post apocalyptic setting was fantastic You not only get werewolves but a new creature called treecrawlers which are a whole new take on zombies.
I quickly fell in love of the idea of Red and The Silver Wolf falling for each other even though I had an idea of a truth they were going to have to face There were a couple a inconsistencies about Reds cloak and collar necklace I also wanted to know about the significance of a ring her grandmother had given her It was a shorter book so I m hoping some of my questions are answered in the next book that I can only hope comes out quickly I plan to grab it the moment it s released.
Pleasantly surprised I was expecting a red ridding good remake, I got a fresh, unexpected read Even with the book being as short as it is the characters are well written and easy to like The plot is not rushed and the world has many layers that are painted very clearly It was a great read that I was not expecting I bought the book on a whim and I m so glad I did I can not wait to read the next book in the series.

That moment you finish an amazing book, realize it just came out a few days ago, and the second book is not even listed on Goodreads.
I picked up this book after seeing a friend had given it 5 stars I was not disappointed The characters were portrayed beautifully, the story kept my interest to the point of finishing the book in less than 24 hours , the writing was great and no insert scenario for plot purposes Everything flowed in this book and I never got bored I m going to start picking up of this authors books because count me interested.
My reaction when the book ended and I have to wait for the second book Really enjoying the emergence of the reimagined fairytale genre The few problems i had with this story were totally overshadowed by the fact that it s such a fun, creative read I saw the big reveal coming a mile away, but still couldn t put it down Finished in less than 2 days and can t wait for the next book in this series I have some ideas as to some secrets we might see in the next story, but I m hoping I will be surprised Even if I m not, I hope it s as enjoyable as the first installnent.
Um, okaaay.
Yeah, ummm, not what I was expecting When I had a read about the book, all I could think about was this book was another fairy tale remake HA Wrong So glad I gave this one a chance It s me new favourite.
This is one of the most annoying main character I ve encountered in a book I wanted to shake her at times for being such a brat and I had sympathy for the wolves then her The only reason I was able to finish the book at all was because of the somewhat exciting zombie trees making it interesting Overall, the book is biggest disappointment of 2019 thus far.
í Red Rider (The Sworn Saga Book 1) Ë I received a free ebook in exchange for an honest review In the new world, werewolves rule the land What was once the United States has been reclaimed by wilderness and is overrun with giant thorn trees Creatures known as treecrawlers, roam the night, attacking anything with a heartbeat On Meredith Rider s 10th birthday, the werewolf army, known as The Sworn, arrives and murders her parents and her best friend, Kassian Only Meredith, known to her family as Red, and her grandmother survive the attack As a teen, the werewolves come for her again and mark her wrist with the symbol of The Chosen This means that once she turns 18, she must report to the capital for her dutyto bear children for the barren female werewolves The Chose Short, solid book that ends with a lot of question still unanswered One of the aspects of the book I find the most interesting is the concept of plant based zombies It even felt like the treecrawlers were fleshed out than the werewolves For a book about werewolf overlords, there was not a lot of werewolf action But maybe we will be able to better understand the Sworn, their origin, and their society in the second book I liked Red She was resourceful and knew how to take care of herself I am mostly indifferent about Vixor or Kassian or whatever I m supposed to call him now Like I know he has a serious case of Stockholm syndrome, but you can t think yourself a monster one minute and then talk about how great it is being a werewolf the next Also, like, read the room Red is not a person interested in seeing the good in the Swor A Human Resistance And A Girl Caught Between Two Worlds Red Riding Hood Meets The Handmaid S Tale In This Post Apocalyptic YA Fairytale Retelling In A Land Where A Werewolf Army Called The Sworn Rule Over The Humans And Walking Corpses Called Treecrawlers Roam The Wilderness Between Settlements, Orphaned Red Has A Secret That She And Her Grandmother Have Been Hiding For Years She S One Of The Chosen, The Despised Young Women Selected To Bear Children In The Stead Of Barren Female Werewolves Red Keeps ↠´ read ò Red Rider (The Sworn Saga Book 1) by Kate Avery Ellison ↠´ Her Identifying Mark Hidden, And She Doesn T Take Advantage Of The Luxuries Available To The Future Mothers Of The Sworn But Her Secret Is Discovered When She Rescues Her Rebel Boyfriend From Execution For Treason, And She Can Hide The Truth No Longer Red Is Intercepted By A Dangerous Young Sworn Named Vixor Rae, A Prince Among The Werewolves, And Taken Through The Dangerous Wilderness To Serve Her Fate In The Capital Vixor Intrigues Red Against Her Will, But He Is Her Enemy, And She Wants Nothing Than To See Him Dead But When Treecrawlers Attack The Sworn Caravan Headed For The Capital, And Only Red And Vixor Survive, The Two Must Rely On Each Other To Make It Out Of The Perilous Wilderness Alive I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy What an amazing book to read This is not your typical Red Riding book I had my reservations at first, but once I started reading, I was immediately hooked I can t really compare this book to any other So basically you have females girls who are picked to become mates breeders for a society called the Sworn I really wanted background on this but hopefully, I will learn about this in the next book But there is controversy about this, because they say if you are picked then you are either bullied by the town or taken care of by the Sworn They is a lot of hate for the Sworn, and as you meet Red Rider, you will see understand her hatred She has determination, perseverance to stay a live and not become the a

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