The Latest Chapter Has Finally Arrived After what seems like a long delay, it was nice to finally read the latest chapter in the Ravenwood Cove cozy mystery series The delay seems to have been caused at least in part by some typographical and grammatical errors and there are still a few However mystery was hard to solve and the book had a satisfying ending Looking forward to revisiting Ravenwood Cove and Amanda and her family and friends soon.
It took a long time.
I just loved it so much It was worth the wait I can t wait for the next book to come out.
really enjoyed the latest story, it was worth the wait Worth the wait Another great Ravenwood Cove mystery This one kept me guessing to the end I can t wait for the next book in this series.
Ravenwood Cove Series is a real favorite Have read all of this series and sure hope there is a book 12 in the works Carolyn Dean can hold my attention to the end of each book and still surprise me at the end Her characters and settings are so believable and interesting it is hard to put one of her books down Surprising twist I did not think would come I enjoyed the characters in this story as I have in the previous books about Ravenwood This particular story I felt was forced It felt like it was written in sections and then pasted together But then Ms Dean seemed to tackle a few new events that I hadn t read in her other stories, so that may be it I won t give away any spoilers, but I was really surprised things went in that direction That being said, I still look forward to her next book and the couple written previously that I haven t read.
Small Mistake, Two Horrible Secrets Autumn In Oregon Should Ve Been The Happiest Of Times For Newlyweds Amanda And James, But When A Trusted Friend Reveals Something That Has Been Long Dead, Their Cozy Life Together Could Fall Apart As Suspicion Turns Toward One Of The Most Trusted People In Ravenwood Cove, Amanda Learns The Real Meaning Of Family As She Goes On The Hunt For The Truth No Matter The Download Epub Format à Pumpkin Pie and Poison (book 11) PDF by × Carolyn L.
Dean Consequences õ Pumpkin Pie and Poison (book 11) õ Enjoyed the whole series and the last book wrapped up all the characters I will miss them You get to know them in the 11 book series I would recommend the books to anyone who loves cozy mysteries I have read ALL the thirteen books in this serie and Amanda and James grew in me I don t know If this book is the last It seems so Good read to entertain.
Love Ravenwood Cove This series is the perfect example of a cozy mystery There are lots of fun characters and always a good mystery to solve.

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