MomFail is an amazing anthology of short stories featuring 24 authors and I was lucky enough to read How Spoiled is Rotten by Stephanie Rose.
This short story was heartfelt, 1 million percent relatable, and freaking hilarious Seriously, I m convinced that the author and I are living parallel lives on different coasts She perfectly described so many of the emotions and challenges parents face in the day to day game of parenthood survival Are we being sensitive to our children s needs Are we giving in than we should How do we balance work and parenthood How do we make time to nurture the relationship with our spouse These are ALL questions I have and continue to ask on my parenting journey I loved the overall message of Stephanie s story It reminded me that we don t need to win any parenting awards or get showered with accolades for our perfection We all have those Momfail moments in life where we d like to turn back the clock or crawl in a hole and die Embarrassing, pleasedontletthisbereal moments where you would give ANYTHING to erase what your children have heard, witnessed, or experienced Having just finished Your Mom Does What by Faith Andrews, I swear I laughed and died if mortification at the same time Meet Jessa, romance writer extraordinaire, mom to two adorable daughters Having a failed marriage behind her, she writes romance under a pen name and every day she struggles with her doubts is she doing a good job as a parent Is she making them happy I don t want to give away any details as this is a short, must read story, but I will tell you this Faith s humor and Momfail story is sure to have you holding your sides and feeling her character s mortific read of my reviews at Whoo Gives A HootI generously received this ARC from Foreword PR Marketing in exchange for an honest review Instead of reviewing each of these 24 hilariously laughable mom coms included in the MomFail anthology I am going to review it as a whole because there wasn t a single dull moment in the entire book Each story was uniquely original and mapped out some of the funniest experiences in a Mother s day to day life.
Even though I am a twenty two year old single woman with no children of my own I couldn t help but find each one of these stories relatable Whether you are a mother or not you will love each of these stories MomFail is an anthology of 24 stories from different authors Each story is a short quick read I was even able to read one whole story while playing hide and seek before I was found With anthologies I usually skip around and most of the time I don t read all of the stories With this one I read it front to back and loved it There are some stories that will have you laughing and some that will have to cringing It reminded me that we are not perfect and that s ok There were definitely a couple stories that I could related a bit to and I was like shoot I did that, I guess I m not alone I loved this whole anthology but if I had to pick a favorite it would What s That Smell by Shari J Ryan.

I am not going to review a certain author and such from this this anthology Because I loved this anthology as a whole Each story in this book is hilarious My favorite line out of this whole book is You are going to hell on a short bus I literally died laughing with each and every story This is the best anthology I have ever read Great job ladies º #Momfail º This review is for A Day in my Chaotic Life by Claudia Burgoa Sometimes life is just out of control It s not all is cracked up to be It s a mess It s a hundred kids running around and losing track of everything In this short and funny story we see what s it s like to be a mom amid the chaos and that sometimes it gets to be crazy And we forget things But in the end it s ok And all we need is just a little laugh about it This review is for How Spoiled is Rotten by Stephanie Rose Kids, they have a way of getting us to do pretty much anything they want putting out that bottom lip and making it tremble and definitely making us feel guilty But guess what, who cares They may embarrass you at school with a paper or never let yo I received a copy in exchange of reviewing how spoiled is rotten and you know what These short mom stories are simply hilarious I ve never laughed so much in my life honestly I wished they were longer because reading about them, it s simply amazing 4 How Spoiled is Rotten StarsStephanie Rose s novella How Spoiled is Rotten is a quick hilarious look at a mom s life It s hilariously relatable ARC provided for honest review.
Cover Edition ASIN BZRHY Let S Get Real Being A Mom Is Hard And The Women Who Make It Look Easy They Re Just Better At Lying Trust Us We Re All Bad At ThisHave You Ever Sent The Wrong Thumb Drive To School With Your Daughter, Only To Have Her Stupid Hot Teacher Discover Your Erotica Stories Tried To Recapture The Magic With Your Husband, Only To Be Blocked By A Child At Every Turn Remember Blissfully Turning On Your Breast Pump Only To Howl In Pain [ Pdf #Momfail · world-war-i PDF ] by A.
Willard · Or How About That Doctor Ordered Dry Spell That Just Never Ends After Having A Baby Oh Yeah, We Ve Been There Pardon Us While We Dust Off Our Collective Mother Of The Year Trophy And Proudly Present You With An Epic Anthology Of MOMFAILSFeaturing This Amazing Lineup Alissa York, AM Willard, BL Berry, Carina Adams, Claudia Burgoa, Crystal Burnette, Dylan Allen, Faith Andrews, Gia Riley, JA DeRouen, Kate Anslinger, Leddy Harper, LK Collins, LL Collins, Marie James, Piper Rayne, Riann C Miller, Shari Ryan, Stephanie Rose, Stephie Walls, SM West, TL Swan, Teresa Michaels, And Foreword Written By Nicole Kane Knepper

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