Nixon Bennett is not the man you think he is He s tough, mysterious, dangerous, a fighter He doesn t care what anyone thinks of him, especially his family He ll do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants Same goes for the women he uses they are only holes for his please anyways.
All is right with the world, well except that his attempt to tarnish his sister s reputation didn t work, but that is when everything changes He s got a new client and she s getting under his skin and into his head, much to his dismay.
Nix and Brooklyn have a fire and ice relationship He wants to help her because it s clear she s been hurt She wants his help, but there is something in her past that she uses to keep Nix at arm s length However, Nix is determined to break through her walls, but when he attemp SELF NOTE How disgusting to have a male protagonist behaving like a pig and in the open for everyone to see Do we only have a manwhores in this world Why can we have a decent guy that values his time and not spending it on screwing everyone.
Do I want to waste my time and money on descriptive sex scenes with this man and women that are not the heroine Only Thing Nixon Bennett Ever Excelled At Is Fighting No One Ever Understood Him, Especially His Parents And Sister Then Brooklyn Davis Walks Into His Gym, And His World Shifts Brooklyn Is Just Like Him In So Many Ways, And Yet So Fragile In Others Can She Fix This Broken Boy Even Though She S Broken [Marie York] ¸ Mine (Imperfect Chaos #1) [m-m-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó Herself A very short, extremely readable, first part of a serialized novel about a rough and tough fighter by night, personal trainer by day, and the feisty, secretive young woman who wants him to train her in self defense I thought the author did an amazing job writing in the perspective of the male protagonist which can be hard to do plausibly I see writers slip up all the time while trying to write these big, tough, Alpha males with uncharacteristic feminine traits or worse, what a woman s idea of how a guy thinks and talks Here, I felt completely like I was inside his head and boy was it hilarious His ravings and rantings, when taken at face value, could easily persuade the reader that this guy is nothing but a shallow, misogynist, delinquent user but I sense something deeper within There is a lot of pain, hurt, and fear masked as anger, rage and just general assholishne 3.
5 Stars What As soon as I get into the book it ends with the biggest cliff hanger GrrrrrNixon AKA Viper is an unbeatable cage fighter He is all in for the sport Nothing can hold him down Not family, education, work, friends, or women Honestly, he is a jackass He does sexual things with women and then leaves them As he works as a personal trainer, he gets distracted when he is hired to train Brooklyn There is just something about her that gets him worked up Nixon actually attempts to get to know her and help her with self defense It s clear they have some attraction, but they don t do anything sexual together I don t fully understand Nixon or Brooklyn probably because it was so short Hopefully the next book will help me get to know them better.
There was really no point to this one Hero is a manwhore The hero was not likable by the way he treated other people.
The hero is a trainer and he fights I think he is an MMA, but not sure He named his car Tanya he talks about the care as if she was a person Sometimes, I thought Tanya was an actual woman The heroine comes in to train She wears baggy clothes She has some history You find out something about her in the end, but not much The hero begins to train her He has sex with anything that moves even after he meets the heroine The heroine first sees the hero having sex with a girl in the back alley It was just all blahA few workouts with me and she d be on her way to being the next Kim Kardashianloc 107 The verbiage ✓ Mine (Imperfect Chaos #1) Â WTH WAIT WHAT Cocky, self absorbed Nixon aka Viper , cage fighter by night and personal trainer by day is truly something else Plenty of eye rolling was done while reading this He has this love hate personality I didn t run after girls They came to me.
Whatever But of course here comes Brooklyn, the one and only girl he wants but can t have They both have issues, that s a given but hers is serious Just as the book was getting interesting, the author drop kicked me in the gut and left me hanging Just like my review.
What Is this.

This one didn t blow me away The H was a manwhore but it was so bad that I was grossed out by him He thought nothing of taking a random woman and having sex He even used casual sex as a way to cope with the things that were happening in his life He was pretty disgusting The h was ok and there are no intimacy scenes with the H and h in this book I am on the fence about continuing the series.
This book can just fuck right off Viper is a clich d, hypocritical, pathetic dickhead manwhore who has NO redeeming qualities what so ever and I wish he would turn into a male honey bee just so his testicles would explode after sex Mine by Marie YorkSeries Imperfect Chaos book one Connected Series Perfect ChaosStars 2.
75 3I am a little torn over this book In the end, I want to know what happens next but that is mostly due to wanting to know the whole story rather than feeling connected to the characters or the story itself We start off with Nixon Bennett, personal trainer and MMA style fighter and all around asshole type male There are sure signs that he is damaged goods and that there is something in his past that has shaped him in this way Although this is the type of hero I love, with Nixon he just lacked any real redeeming qualities that made me look past his behavior It was like a jerk book boyfriend on steroids For Brooklyn, there is one helluva story there The early hints were t

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