I received a copy of ME by Marie York in exchange for a blog tour and an honest review.
Me by Marie York was a quick read An entertaining novella While YA isn t really my favorite genre this episode did it s job We were introduced to Kennedy as a sixteen year old, then again as a college freshman, just getting out and about on her own, and excited to do so As a sixteen year old, she had a huge crush on her brothers best friend, Beckham Fox She offered him up her virginity So, while spreading her wings on her first day of school, she s at the coffee cart ordering her first cup and WHAM.
whose voice does she hear Yep, the king of humiliations This was left on a huge cliffy to prepare you for YOU, book 2 in the series Can t wait to continue Kennedy and Beckham s story.
4 Stars Loved the story but I wish the book wasn t this short.
Storyline 4Angst 4Tissue 0Value 5Panty Scorching 5Over All Rating 4 StarsKindle eArc reviewed by RobinMe is a serial by Marie York Kennedy is a college student who at 16 tried to seduce her older brother s best friend I mean who wouldn t Beckham is hot and they get along great But Beckham is loyal to her brother Nixon and doesn t want a punch in the face for taking advantage of his friend s sister Ever since his flat out denial, she has avoided him until running into on campus Guess what Beckham has transferred to her college I barely had a foot out the door before I heard my name float across the hallway in that beautiful sexy voice It was like a lasso, tying around me, and pulling me back to him I knew he was only pretending to take an interest in me as a favor to my brother, but unfortunately it didn t change anything I still had a hard time resisting him This is a cute beg Absolutely LOVED this book This is a great start to this series A short book that has left me dying for It has the drama and the hot steamy Perfect perfect I can not wait till the next read in the series This book was a gift from the author and Paranormal Romance Authors That Rock for an honest review Kennedy Bennett was only 16 when she offered herself to her older brother s best friend, Beckham Fox After he turned her down, she manage to avoid him successfully for two years thanks to him going to college across the country To her surprise, as she starts classes on her first day of college, there he is For some reason, he has transferred to her college Every time she turns around, he s there The question remains, will she try to seduce him again and if so, will he say yes While this is a short story novella, I never felt like the book was rushed You can feel her angst as a teenager with emotions she s not ready to handle You feel her confusion when Beckham shows up at school always waiting for her Does he really like her or is her brother making Beckham babysit her Even the reader does

Same old same old Ê Me (Perfect Chaos, #1) Þ ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review omg I m pissed but in a good way I m not sure how long this book is but I received 37 pages and I loved it from the first page it kept getting better and better then it was the end nooooo way Kennedy has always had a thing for her brother Nixon best friend Beckham and for her birthday she was going to have him, in her mind at least When Kennedy makes her move she never planned on a response like she got, he didn t want her how embarrassing Kennedy has moved on, she s doing the college thing til she hears the one voice that stays in her dreams.
Beckham Beckham hasn t really changed nice body, dirty blonde hair in a sexy ass man bun He seems so nice and concern for her til she finds out her brother asked h A Perfect Chaotic StartKennedy Bennett has only had eyes for one person and one person only So what else is she to do but to take the step to make her dreams come true The only problem, Beckham Fox is Kennedy s brother s best friend and he s not keen to cross that line Not that you can t blame him, Nix could totally kill Beckham with his bare hands.
After his rejection, Kennedy keeps her distance Although she never truly gives up hope of getting her hands on Beckham, she believes that college will give her a new start The whole is her s for the taking.
Of course, fate has another plan for Kennedy in the shape of the one man she s always wanted Beckham Now that they have been thrown together, will all they ever be is friends or can something special grow This first installment in the Perfect Chaos Series is just that perfect We get to know Kennedy and what is going through her mi Okay I m going to be honest in this review Me was a good book but I feel that it could have been better Kennedy, the protagonist in this book, has had I life long crush on her brother s best friend, Beckham On her 16th birthday, Kennedy wanted nothing than to give her virginity to him, but he ended up rejecting her I mean no We can t do this I should never have even let it get this far I looked down at my lacy pink bra and panties, and tried to keep the tears at bay Don t you think I m pretty I have to admit I understand what it s like to feel rejected by someone you like It feels like your heart is literally being fractured into tiny cracks However, I think Kennedy tried a little too hard in getting Beckham to notice her and it seemed like she trying to force a relationship between them Little did she Bennett Threw Herself At Her Brother S Best Friend, Beckham Fox, On Her Th Birthday, Only To Be Denied Now Two Years Later, She S A Freshman In College Ready To Start With A Clean Slate Except On The First Day, Beckham Fox Reappears Into Her Life And All The Humiliation She Pushed Aside Comes Rushing Back Will She Be Able To Break Beckham Down Or Will His Friendship With Her Brother Continue To Keep Them Trailer ↠´ Me (Perfect Chaos, #1) PDF by ↠´ Marie York Apart

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