Woman Has That Group Of Friends In Her Life Her Go To Girls The Friends That She Can Turn To Who Get It The Ones Who Are There For You No Matter What The Ones Who Laugh With You And Cry With You The Ones That Will Always Be There These Are The Women Of Napa ValleyJamie Is The Editor In Chief Of Wine Lover S Magazine, A Single Mother And Caretaker To Her Senile Mother In Law A Woman Who Thinks [Michele Scott] ¹ Happy Hour [logic PDF] read Online Æ Her Daily Caregiver Is Dean Martin Jamie Is Still Recovering, Financially And Emotionally From The Death Of Her Husband Several Years Earlier And When She Finds What Could Be The Key To Happiness, Can She Open The Door And Let It In Or Will Her Feelings Of Guilt And Betrayal Hold Her Back Danielle Is A Vintner And The Divorced Mom Of Two She S Basking In What She Knows Is Going To Be A Successful Launch Of Her New Wines Wines She Created On Her Own After Her Divorce But What She Doesn T Expect Is For Her Daughter To Come Home With News That Will Shock Her To Her Core Will An Old Flame Help Her Accept The Changes That Are Coming And Find The Love She S Been Missing In Her Life For So Long Or Will A Tragedy That No One Sees Coming Change Their Lives Forever Kat Is A Sommelier, Co Owner Of A Magnificent Restaurant With Her Chef Husband, And Mother Of A Blended Family But Is Being Deeply In Love With Your Husband Enough To Get Them Through The Teenage Years, Step Children And Exes And What Happens When Old Faces Return And She S Faced With The Knowledge That Not Everything Is What You Thought It Was What Happens When She Finds She Was Mad At The Wrong Person And Finds Out The Right One Was In The Wrong Can She Forgive And Move On Can Love Overcome Everything And Truly Bring A Family Together Alyssa Is An Artist And Gallery Owner With A Secret Of Her Own One She Was Hoping Would Stay Buried Deep In Her Closet But The Time Has Come For Her To Put Someone Else First, To Face The Past And To Deal With Her Demons What She Never Expected To Find Was Love And Her Home No Matter What Is Going On In Their Own Lives, No Matter The Heartache Or Joy They Re Experiencing These Four Women Are Always There To Love, Support And Encourage Each Other A contemporary novel addressing modern day problems faced by women These are serious problems that are dealt with through laughter, friendship and tears Those who are fans of the Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives generation will enjoy this read It is chick lit.
, but has depth that separates it from the fluff stereotype However, it isn t so heavy that it becomes depressing There is a perfect mix of humor and realism that many readers will relate to If you can t relate to issues or friendship bonds commonly featured in contemporary novels and shows i.
e Sex in the City , then this read probably wouldn t interest you Like most reads, personal experiences will dictate whether a reader can connect with the issues faced by the characters.
Happy Hour is a story about four friends in the prime of their life who come together over wine and good food to bond and unload from life s adversities It follows them through all their trials and their happy moments It shows interaction between friends, family, dealing with extended families, and teenagers both male and female , unexpected pregnancies, secrets and harbouring deep hurt and pain.
The best part of this book is when I found myself in Kat I felt like I was reading about myself when I read her words I saw my friendships and my family relationships in those between the friends and their interactions with their family Their trials were believable I shared their tears and laughed out loud with their funny moments I saw the characters grow and heal and I enjoyed the journey that brought them through it The imagery Marriage, infidelity, divorce, death, children, food and winethe most delicious components that make up Happy Hour by the lovely and talented Michele Scott I absolutely love stories of women and friendships that come together naturally and the sisterhood bond we share because of the particular hardships women face We are introduced to each of the women at the very start with each having a chapter briefly describing where they came fromand then she moves to present day.
It was at times very sarcastic, romantic, tragic and uplifting but the bonds of friendship and the strength of each woman to deal with the cards life dealt to them was inspiring.
A beautifully written book for women about women, told with honesty, sincerity and humor Never stop living no matter what happensgrab that way too expensive bottle of wine and uncork it ↠´ Happy Hour â A heartwarming book about four friends who meet monthly for wine and friendship Chapters are written around each character.
Good read, thoroughly enjoyed I really enjoyed this book I m a sucker for books about women that deal with real life situations and how they handle them I could see a little of myself in each character and although I haven t experienced all that they ve gone through, I could sympathize with each of these women Maybe there s a sequel in the works A wonderful story about how much better life is when getting through with true friends Not just people you are friendly with, but true deep there for the tough stuff along with all of the good Marriage, divorce, step families, business successes and failures, illnesses and some great food and wine Good narration Audible.
com made for a delightful listen A little bit too much talk of religion and faith for me, but not overwhelming Its just there.
I am a sucker for a good woman s story, and this book is has 4 good stories It is lighthearted, heartbreaking, touching and funny.
I have to admit that I was reluctant when I first began this book I don t care for wine, or horses for that matter, so I went in a bit biased, thinking that it wouldn t be my style I couldn t have been wrong.
Happy Hour chronicles the lives of four friends, each dealing with different elements of family drama within their lives The stories, while told separately through most of the novel, are woven seamlessly together through their weekly Happy Hour meetings The author has done a wonderful job really bringing these characters to life, and after reading for a bit they came to feel less like characters in a book and like friends of my own I laughed with them, cried with them, and rejoiced at their successes.
This book is about the lives of four friends, but really, it s so much Learning to love again, to trust again, dealing Publisher D Vine PressReleased 2009Pages 318ISBN 10 1449505570ISBN 13 978 1449505578Stars 3.
5Happy Hour, by the author of the Wine Lover s Mystery Series, Michele Scott, is a Sex and the City style minus the fashion chicklit novel featuring four female forty something best friends who live in the Napa Valley and meet every Sunday for friendship, good food and great wine The book opens three years before the story really begins, giving the history of each main character, so that we know what they ve been through up until present day Each chapter is dedicated to one of the four women Kat, Alyssa, Danielle and Jamie and Jamie s chapters occasionally offer one of her columns from the magazine she edits There is a bonus section at the back of the book that includes each woman s favourit

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