one of the first book i got into was go ask alice i was in high schhol nd i could remember readin the whole book in about 2 hours.
my sister gave me jays journal for my b day nd i couldnt put it down There is nothing disappointing than picking up a book advertising itself as a true story when in fact the book was made up by the author The diary entries lack too much detail to make this a believable read I picked up this book in a bookstore due to the cover and also, I was researching some of the Rock n Roll lyrics of the 60 s Have you ever analyzed the lyrics of American Pie Just fascinating After reading the book, I find out the book is named after the song Go Ask Alice from Jefferson Airplane, and the song takes it s lines from Alice in Wonderland So in fact, the song did not derive it s lyrics from the book Thumbs all the way down for fraud and I rarely give a negative review.
I have to say that I really did not enjoy this book It just doesn t make sense to me that a completely normal and innocent girl can all of a sudden change into a drug addict after she gets drugged at a party I feel like what happened to her would put her off of drugs rather than on them However, I did think it was interesting to see the mindset of a girl who was going through this She went through so much in such a short time, with heartbreak and running away from home I did feel really bad for her The end is what really hit me though Throughout the book, I kept hoping she would overcome her addiction for good and I genuinely thought she would after she went through a period of time where she was able to avoid drugs However, like all good things that time came to an end and she went back to drugs and it led to her death This book taught me The premise seemed interesting billed as the diaries of teenagers affected by drugs The writing felt awkward like an adult s idea of what a teenager would say, and not surprisingly as it turns out the author made it up so it is fictious but supposedly based on her experiences working with young adults The depiction of the mental health facility is like something from Batman The sexual violence which is mentioned briefly and passed over is not delved into in terms of the impact it has on our narrator The story just feels unbelievable.
Apparently the book is named after the song Go Ask Alice from Jefferson Airplane, and the song takes it s lines from Alice in Wonderland Given the amount of drug references in Alice in Wonderland it isn t a surprising title but it may be the most interesting part of the story.
Go ask Alice is a pretty interesting nonfiction book It s a diary of a fifteen year old girl that tells us how her life is at the beginning and how it starts changing because of all the drugs she uses She doesn t have any real friends so she makes the diary her one and only friend who listens to her understands her The people she calls her friends influence her a lot to use a drugs even if in some points she wants to stop Alice s parents don t pay much attention to her and that makes her feel lonely and she makes her way out by taking drugs I think go ask Alice is a pretty good novel because, it gives us an understanding of how bad it is to do drugs and also what ways lead people to do them I like the way the book is written in general like the diary format and also the detail way they explained the things that happen in each day Also when Alice

i think this book gives you an insight on how a reasl drug addicte teens goes through on a day by say bases from thier first hit to teir last breath ☆ Go Ask Alice/Jays Journal ↠´ Jays Journal was a very interesting book about a 16 year old boy Jay was a very good boy who was dedicated to his studies and things he could do in life After a while Jay fell in love with a girl that wasn t good for him, she did drugs His two friends Dell and Brad tried to tell him in the beginning but he didn t listen After a while he gets caught stealing pills from his dads pharmacy and he was going through her bad path now His two friends were going through the bad path as well Jay was sent to reform school and was miserable He hated everyone there and he missed his family and friends a lot After being there for a while he started to bond with one of the staff members He started learning about a bunch of new things Jay looks like he went back to being the Jay from before and was going through the right path again However when he went back home h Edit removing extra star for deceitful nature I read it and was able to discern it was a work of fiction, but judging by the reviews, others were duped by the writer into believing it was an autobiography Beware the narrator with a hidden agenda original This book is probably best before the age ofumm 17 I read it at the age of 31 and it simply doesn t hold hold up well as a book for adults Obviously it s a YA book, but I hold the opinion that any book worth reading when young should hold up to the reader gaining maturity.
Go ask Alice was a good cautionary read be careful who you befriend, what you do , and how you do it.
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