A Long Shuttered Business Opens After Years Of Neglect, Amanda And The Townspeople Of Ravenwood Cove Are Thrilled What They Didn T Expect Were Lies, Secrets, Destruction, And A Shocking Murder Just Back From Her Honeymoon, Amanda S Suddenly Right In The Middle Of Trouble, With The Clues Pointing Toward One Of Her Best Friends, And A Murderer On The Loose Mild PG Rating Because Hey, There S A Dead ¼ read Î Fruit, Flower & Flames (Ravenwood Cove Mystery #8) by Carolyn L.
Dean ¼ Guy In It , Clean Language Eighth Book In The Ravenwood Cove Series Fabulous MysteryI look forward to each new adventure in Amanda s life This book is extra special because now she James are married looking forward to their future together There s just that right blend of emotion, action, edge in Fruit, Flower, Flames Reading this entire series is a pleasure Btw, I loved James surprise at the ending Don t deprive yourself of reading this Lies, lies and liesA good read and a solid cozy but just missed that great mark When plans are made to reopen the cannery, there are mixed feelings in town A lot of people lost everything when it closed in the first place but there again the new jobs would be welcomed However when there is a fire and the patriarch s body is found, questions start to be asked Was his son wrongly arrested What did the foreign worker have to do with anything The plot was okay but the ending although although surprise could have done with drama and build up.
Love your books Your descriptions make me want to move to the coast and open a bed and breakfast, but alas Salem is home for now I only gave this book four stars due to an error in about the middle of chapter twelve Amanda is at the beach hiding her secret treasures when George shows up and they begin to discuss the case, then George sits down at his desk, at the beach Otherwise as with all the previous books, worth the read Looking forward to the next book, and maybe someday finding my own Ravenwood.
Love this little townLove the town and characters in this series Some nice plots and most i could figure out right along with Amanda What bugs me is the amount of line edits needed It won t bug everyone but it drives me nuts Needs a better editor, but don t let that keep you from the great story.
Enjoy the characters and recipesThis book was written in a big hurry apparently Many, many errors and confusing parts such as when Amanda is walking on the beach with the police chief and then he is looking at her from behind his desk Just a lot of proofreading errors in this particular book But I still enjoy reading these stories Good, quick reads with great characters.
Ð Fruit, Flower & Flames (Ravenwood Cove Mystery #8) Ð Good additionI really like this series It is not at all violent The writing is easy to read and the books are very short You can read them anywhere and finish it right away The stories areself contained but it really helps to read from the very first one I love Oscar I love cats so of course I do.
gw I cannery tell a lie I have read all of the Ravenwood Cove Mysteries and the I read these storiesthe I am addicted to them It seems to be about real people, at least people I have met The characters are great and well developed I can t wait for the next book Another Great Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery Fruit, Flower and Flames , the 6th Mystery in the Ravenwood Cove series is very suspenseful and well written The reader does not see the plot twists coming I enjoyed seeing the character and relationship development between Amanda and James As they adjust to living together, they learn about each other It is very realistic, and while not instantly and they lived happily ever after , it does seem like they have good communication skills which will help them be a good team I can t wait to read the next book Good plot.
Thanks for writing this series, and like your town and characters very much I find your grammar and sentences clumsy or just wrong Hope you will find some help with this Love your plots too.

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