You Is Like New Paint And Old Pain It Is Like Coffee And Car Alarms And A Dim Stairway And A Stain And It S Like Smoke Placing A Call How Does Love Change Us And How Do We Change Ourselves For Love Or For Lack Of It Ten Stories By Acclaimed Author Deborah Levy Explore These Delicate, Impossible Questions In Vienna, An Icy Woman Seduces A Broken Man In London [Deborah Levy] ¿ Black Vodka: Ten Stories [lusaka PDF] read Online ☆ Gardens, Birds Sing In Computer Start Up Sounds In Ad Land, A Sleek Copywriter Becomes A Kind Of Shaman These Are Twenty First Century Lives Dissected With Razor Sharp Humour And Curiosity, Stories About What It Means To Live And Love, Together And Alone I think the fact that I read, nay demolished, this in one day says a lot, even though it is short as books go, I really could not put it down Each story portrays a different aspect of love and loss that will touch every reader on their level depending on their own experiences and heartbreak.
Black Vodka tells of an outsider advertising executive who discovers that there are people out there who can see past his physical appearance and those who find it and him simply fascinating and the effects this has on our unnamed narrator The ending allows the reader to add their own stamp by leaving it open to interpretation, be it happy or sad.
Shining a Light follows Alice as she spends time in Prague without her beloved baggage and discovers that in losing it she has opened herself up to experienci Swimming Home was one of my favourite books of last year, so when I saw she released a collection of ten shorts stories, I knew I had to read them Stories of love and loneliness, Levy has a unique blend of experimentalism and wit which has really hooked me.
This collection of short stories has a real contemporary feel to them, as well as a European flavour to it Every story was gripping and I stretched this book out as long as I could One story a day and each one as good as the other There is a real joy to find an author that you love and can t wait to delve into everything they write.
Short stories of relationships, sadness, love, being alone and bitterness Deborah Levy has a unique and minimalist voice that I adore I would love to find other authors similar While Swimming Home is far superior, the stories from Black Vodka was still a great dip into the works of Deborah Levy.

I can t think of anything telling to say about this one in retrospect I should have written the review before reading the first 100 pages of the Francis Plug, which is very different I enjoyed reading these poetic and elliptical stories, but in retrospect it is difficult to say why 3.
5 As others have suggested, the story just isn t Levy s strong suit Because she writes such fabulous sentences it s impossible not to appreciate the style but her characters what the best of her stuff, even the non fiction, is all about feel a bit incongruous, out of place and provocatively under served which seems to be what the raves like.

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