These two short novels are weird with incredibly loose narratives, or rather collections of characters and scenes in which things happen with a feeling of sequence Within these loosely tied vignettes are some beautiful passages rooted in the anxieties of exile Deborah Levy has published several novels since these rst two, and I gather her work has evolved into conventional territory Coming o the intensity of reading The Warmth of Other Suns, these were kind of perfect in their surreality but with enough evocative moments to keep me interested read on my booklog Weird, fascinating and wise The Man Booker Prize Shortlisted Author Of Swimming Home, A Single Volume Comprising Her First Two Novels Beautiful Mutants, Long Out Of Print, And Swallowing Geography, Never Before Published In The United States Beautiful Mutants, Deborah Levy S Surreal First Novel, Introduces A Manipulative And Magical Russian Exile Who Summons Forth A Series Of Grotesques Among Them The Poet, The Banker, And The Anorexic Anarchist Levy Explores The Anxieties That [Deborah Levy] Ý Beautiful Mutants and Swallowing Geography [gamebooks PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Pervaded The S Exile And Emigration, Broken Dreams, Crazed Greed And The First Seeds Of The Global Financial Crisis, Self Destructive Desires, And The Disintegration Of Culture It Is A Feverish Allegory Written In Prose So Beautiful And Acrobatic That It Could Only Come From A Poet This Remarkable And Pioneering Debut Is As Much About Language As It Is The World That Ensnares And Alienates UsIn Swallowing Geography, J K Like Her Namesake Jack Kerouac, Is Always On The Road, Traveling Europe With Her Typewriter In A Pillowcase She Wanders, Meeting Friends And Strangers, Battling Her Raging Mother, And Taking In The World Through Her Uniquely Irreverent, Ironic Perspective Levy Blends Fairytale With Biting Satire, Pushing At The Edges Of Reality And Marveling At Where The World Collapses In On Itself In This Stunningly original Novel, Deborah Levy Searches Deep Into The Heart Of The Late Twentieth Century And Does Not Hold Back On What She Finds There Beautiful Mutants Swallowing Geography I have no idea what I just read.
Beautiful Mutants counterpoises a brutally realist approach to Thatcher era London and a satirically surrealist narrative Never exactly spelling out the story s discontent with late capitalism, Levy is still ruthlessly explicit in crafting images that illustrate her critique view spoiler i.
e a pant suited millionaire burns down the London Zoo just because she can afford to hide spoiler ☆ Beautiful Mutants and Swallowing Geography ✓ Nothing against this book but I guess I wasn t able to enjoy this as much as I would hope for It was difficult to follow for both stories.

The good news is, Levy is now a terrific writer But the first novella in this regrettable reissue of her early stuff was so god awful I couldn t make it past page 12 It sounded like all of the characters, and or the writer, were on acid And not the kind of trip that triggers profundities the kind that spews inane verbal diarrhea.

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