Actual rating 2.
5 5 stars.
This is the first instalment in a series of Disney retellings, penned by Liz Braswell A Whole New World is the story of what would have happened to Aladdin if he were not the one to lay his hands on the magical lamp and acquire the power of the genie.
This, true to its design, had a true Disney feel to it I m not sure if I could really appreciate the comical cheesiness, that Disney does so well, in the written format, however I grew accustomed to this style of penmanship and liked how authentic to the Disney movie this still remained, despite the clear narrative differences, but am not sure if it was wholly to my tastes The jovial tone made for a fun reading experience but one bereft of any deeper emotion, for me, as I found I could not feel much empathy or te STOP THE PRESSES.
5 stars Welcome to a new YA series that reimagines classic Disney stories in surprising new ways.
I deleted my pre review so you can t see, but I was super excited for A Whole New World I put a gif with Aladdin throwing money and everything I was ready to love it.
And it crushed that hope Crushed it like Beyonce crushed at the VMAs Right up to 20%, practically one fifth of the book, it was a near play by play replica of the Disney movie Was this supposed to be an ad for the Disney movie Because you don t need to sell me that shit I watched it every day for an entire week when I borrowed the video cassette 90s, man from the library Aside from a few details like Aladdin s mom making a brief one chapter appearance, it doesn t even attempt to differentiate itself from the source material It shovels extra scenes in too, like Jafar throwing a very familiar parade after he What a disappointment this book turned out to be.
You know, when I requested for this book, I did it because I was really, really expecting a Disney movie retelling wait, is that even allowed Isn t there supposed to be some copyright thingy about modifying a well known commercial masterpiece into something else Can some lawyer clarify this for me, please that would literally bring me A Whole New World You see, there is something that books can do better than movies one of them is characterization With a book, you can get into the deepest psyche of the characters and really get to know them in a personal and intimate level we ll be able to know why they feel a certain why or how their feelings or other external factors weigh in their actions and decisions.
Unfortunately, there were none of that here The book relied on the fact 3.
5 stars rounded up A Whole New World is the first book in the Twisted Tales series published by Disney books I have always loved the Disney movie version of Aladdin s story so was pretty hyped when I found out that this book existed The first part of the book is written exactly like the beginning of the movie Seriously, down to the dialogue I guess you could call it a novelization of the movie and thenAladdin doesn t awaken the genie, Jaraf does This isn t a spoiler, you can find this in the synopsis The consequences of that, as you can imagine, are not good The second half really picks up with Aladdin, Jasmine and friends teaming up to defeat Jafar and free Agrabah from his demonic rule, including an army of the dead In parts it was a bit too simplistic for my tastes but there was a lot of action and over

Pre read Man, I want to read this so badly that it s not even funny What if Jafar were the first one to summon the Genie , you say note this pre review has no affiliation with Disney or this book, but I m just entirely speculating coughs Iago Ooh, ooh, ooh I know, lemme answer this one PLEASE, I am BEGGING you.
Aladdinrubs the back of his neckI don t think I wanna know the answer to this questionor Iago s answer either.
Iago Come ON I know this one I m raising my wing and getting wing cramps over here CHOOSE ME to answer already Genie Iago, you sound just a teensy bit too happy over thereIago I m just thinking that if Jafar had gotten the lamp before Mr Goody two shoes prince over here, MAYBE I d have my own palace, maybe I d have my own entourage, mayb ✓ A Whole New World Ç My actual rating is 3.
5 stars but I rounded up to 4 for a few reasons 1 Because of how much I enjoyed reading it Is it a masterpiece of literature No But do you know what it is FUN 2 Because it has an insane amount of bad ratings and reviews Seriously Most of the other reviews seem to feel like this about the book which is fair enough It s certainly not going to appeal to everyone However, it is incredibly rare that I am on the side of liking something that everyone else seems to hate I m usually on the other side of this fence I m usually the one hating the books everyone loves and feeling bad about it Not to mention the fact that this is the kind of book that I should dislike It s not something I expected to like, certainly not as much as I do, and yet here we are.
3 Because t DNF at 49%The first 25% was EXACTLY like the movie frame by frame, line by line It s like someone sat there watching the movie describing EVERY scene to me and regurgitating EVERY line of dialogue.
I get that this was an Aladdin retelling, but couldn t there have been some variance Yeesh.
At 25% things finally branch off into a totally new direction that what if factor But it didn t get any better The characters were LITERALLY cardboard Zero passion, zero development, zero everything They just existed and that s it They were not fleshed out at all Javar was the villain, obviously, but he felt like a background character He seemed so hollow and not scary Everything about the book felt middle grade than YA There was no depth, no intensity, no epicness It was like a somewhat ridiculous case of, Our band of teenagers will DEFEAT EVIL SAVE THE WOR What if it were Jafar who summoned the genie What if he became the new sultan, was granted a great power no one else could surpass and took complete control of the city of Agrabah Can you recognize your dearly loved fairy tale in this I couldn t Certainly, the author s purpose was to twist the story we all know about and give us a different version of it, a darker one And it was Darker, that is I don t recall gobs of happy scenes When there were some, they were mostly featuring Aladdin and Jasmine cuddling, kissing.
This action packed book had a rather sufficiently built world, easily visualized, but what was lacking almost missing was characterization Only a scant amount of characters were comparable in personality to the ones in the original version Liz Braswell wrote Jafar s If Jafar Was The First One To Summon The Genie When Jafar Steals The Genie S Lamp, He Uses His First Two Wishes To Become Sultan And The Most Powerful Sorcerer In The World Agrabah Lives In Fear, Waiting For His Third And Final WishTo Stop The Power Mad Ruler, Aladdin And The Deposed Princess Jasmine Must Unite The People Of Agrabah In Rebellion But Soon Their Fight For Freedom Threatens To Tear [ Pdf A Whole New World è consumer-economics PDF ] by Liz Braswell È The Kingdom Apart In A Costly Civil War What Happens Next A Street Rat Becomes A Leader A Princess Becomes A Revolutionary And Readers Will Never Look At The Story Of Aladdin In The Same Way Again

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