I was delighted by the very sweet love story with a happy ever after ending The historical elements are well researched and well presented It s marked as YA and the coming of age and love story element, which is the main plot line, matches that age However, the entire story is very innocent and I would be comfortable with fifth and sixth graders reading the novel.
Ú Wait for Me Ú This book is set during World War II in Scotland I thought it was a great book, especially considering it is YA Historical Fiction, which is rare Lorna lives on a farm with her Father A group of German prisoners of war come to the farm to work, they receive a POW named Paul As hard as Lorna tries to hate Paul, it doesn t seem to work Yes, he was quite nice really For a German As he works on the farm longer, Lorna see s him as he really is, just a person She starts to bond with him, and as you can probably assume, they start to fall for each other But it is not predictable and it is not sudden But there is some prejudice from the towns people involving their relationship, considering is technically IS from the Nazi side I am G This book was very intriguing when i opens it up I couldn t put it down It was very sweet, with inoccent love Those are always the best I got sucked in, and it s one of those books, that whenever you have free time you find yourself wrapped in the pages If you don t have free time, you make time for this book Loved it Interesting young adult novel I read this because I have read the book Summer of my German Soldier many times over my life Wait for Me isof a romance than anything Not the quality of Summer but still an enjoyable read.
For Fans Of Code Name Verity And The Girl In The Blue Coat, Wait for Me, From Debut Author Caroline Leech, Brings A Fresh New Voice, And A Perfect Blend Of Sweet Romance And Historical Fiction, To A Much Loved Genre It S , And Lorna Anderson S Life On Her Father S Farm In Scotland Consists Of Endless Chores And Rationing, Knitting Red Cross Scarves, And Praying For An Allied Victory [Caroline Leech] Î Wait for Me [cartography PDF] read Online ↠´ So When Paul Vogel, A German Prisoner Of War, Is Assigned As The New Farmhand, Lorna Is Appalled How Can She Possibly Work Alongside The Enemy When Her Own Brothers Are Risking Their Lives For Their Country But As Lorna Reluctantly Spends Time With Paul, She Feels Herself Changing The She Learns About Him From His Time Fighting A War He Doesn T Believe In, To His Life Back Home In Germany The She Sees The Boy Behind The Soldier Soon Lorna Is Battling Her Own Warring Heart Loving Paul Could Mean Losing Her Family And The Life She S Always Known With Tensions Rising All Around Them, Lorna Must Decide How Much She S Willing To Sacrifice Before The End Of The War Determines Their Fate

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