Year Old Jennie S Life Is Turning Upside Down Her Father Has Walked Out, And Her Anguished Mother Seeks Solace In Pills Her Best Friend Practically Abandons Her To Be With A Boyfriend It Seems Like Jennie S Real Best Friend Is Her Diary Then She Meets Mr Johnstone, The Substitute Math Teacher Jennie Has Never Met Such A Charismatic Teacher She Feels Honored When Mr J Seems To Single Her Out For Special [Beatrice Sparks] ½ Treacherous Love: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager [historical-romance-clean PDF] read Online ¹ Attention, And Begins To Fantasize About Him As Her Boyfriend When Mr J First Reveals His Feelings For Her, She Is Thrilled By The Relationship That Grows Outside The Classroom Walls Then, Slowly, Jennie S Diary Becomes A Record Of Her Loneliness, Pain, And Confusion Will It Also Offer Her A Way To Escape From This Treacherous Love i regretted it This book disappointed me I was expecting a Young Adult novel that dealt with the serious issue of child sexual abuse, but the majority of the book was mainly about Jennie s friend problems Also, I know this wasn t actually written by a 14 year old it s quite obvious in the writing style.
There s a whole bunch of these Beatrice Sparks PhD booksin each one something or, actually, a ton of random horrible things happen to a teenage girl The plot of this one involves a decline into boinking the math teacher and vicodin addction after the main character s parents get divorced The series is told in based on a real diary form, and here is where I think I should mention that the author s claim to fame is that she was the editor of Go Ask Alice Now, I really like Go Ask Alice, but these are a few steps down from Alice when it comes to quality writing There s a lot of filler And I don t know who would believe this is a diary The foreshadowing is laid on thicker than I knew was possible.
But seriously, if I were 11, I would gobble these up Fast paced and wholly scandalous But because I m actually in my late 20 s In my opinion this book wasn t well written In the book,a fourteen year old girl,Jennie, falls in love with her teacher who then takes sexual pictures of her and sends them to his friends The reason why I didn t think this book was well written was because of how stereotypical Jennie was Being a teenager I ve never heard another teenager or myself talk like her She s very na ve,which many people can argue that all teenagers are na ve,which I somewhat agree with but,Jennie was very stereotypical.
The book really gave teenagers a bad name because of how Jennie acted With this book a serious issue was attempted to be addressed but,wasn t addressed well Mostly, the book just talked about Jennie s friends and their problems Too many issues were trying to be addressed that the main idea of this whole book was rushed.
The book is really sounds fake and not like a real life situation For e So I won t really write a real review because I picked this book up when I was sixteen and had just fallen head over heels for my history teacher I even hid it in my room because I was sure if my mom found this book she would be on to me I obviously then was not so into the cautionary tale that this book obviously truly was yes, at 16, I was expecting a romance like a dense fool So I wasn t that into it Now as a teacher and an adult woman, I am glad that a book like this exists, even if I think most sixteen year olds in my position still wouldn t want to hear it It is a lot of a realistic slap in the face of the true creepiness if such a situation ever really progressed than any of the teen romance books out there right now that seem to glorify such relationships Because really, ladies, if your male teacher is reciprocating these feelings of yours, there is something wr í Treacherous Love: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager ò This book was unlike any of the other books I have read before because this one was a diary of a fourteen year old girl, who talks about her life and how it has changed It started out with her talking about her best friend and how she felt neglected by her once she has a boyfriend Then she describes her problems at home, when her father decides to leave her and her mother Towards the middle and end of the book though, she starts obsessing about her substitute teacher, Mr J She talks about how much he inspires her and motivates her Once she mentioned this, I felt like the diary was weird because it was a relationship between a student and teacher that had a closer connection Mr J started writing little notes to her and asking Jennie to be his I was highlighting everything I had a problem with so as to include it in this review, but I chose to stop before carpel tunnel set in What especially annoyed me were the childish words and tendencies that seemed too young for a 14 year old scattered throughout the whole book being happy and saying she could detect the happiness of her pajamas and other inanimate objects, crying because she and her best and only friend mutually said they were best friends, and so on and also, just many instances of language that didn t feel authentic to a modern teenager this was published in 2000.
I m no rape expert, but this didn t feel like an authentic account at all I know it s a work of fiction, but if an author is going to write something down, it seems to me that it should be I absolutely loveeed this book Unlike Beatrice s other books, like Go ask Alice and Lucy in the Sky i didnt expect the ending i was just shocked and couldnt believe it I felt angry and helpless for Jennie, and ughhhh frustrated I absolutely recommend this book I read it in a day, and i usually take at least a week to read books I felt that the pacing of this book was slow, for it being about a girl who gets involved with her teacher a lot of it was spent talking about her friends and family, and the amount that dealt with her teacher was surprisingly small For a good portion of the book, her teacher isn t even a character.
I didn t feel that this protagonist was as realistic as the protagonist in Go Ask Alice and I didn t much like her She uses a lot of words I feel like a 14 year old wouldn t know and states herself that she is bad in English class so its not that she is just smart for her age She is also a little annoying On almost every page she will say something and then take it back in the next journal entry, I hate my mom, No, I don t, I m just being a horrible person She changes her mind on just about everything and is always talking badly about herself She devel

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