I absolutely love Jim Rohn.
His approach on ambition and life is unique and inspiring.
One take away that I got from this is that success is the steady progress towards your own goals.
There is no one definition of success.
Success is not necessarily monetary, but it's living the kind of life you want to live, having the relationships you want to have, having the experiences that are important to you.

So success is the steady progress towards your own personal goals.
So in order to really be a success I need to identify what my goals are, what is important to me in my life above and beyond money.
Only then can I know if I am on track and a success

My favorite line from this is "Everything matters.
Everything affects everything.
There is nothing that doesn't matter.
" All the little decisions I make matter.
The little decisions to we will all miss this guys work.
a great leader who left a beter world behind and this training was no exception to his excellent work that has helped me in many ways

Waseem Mirza
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I give him massive credit for this.
A lot of the ideas in this book were likely once originalthat being said, for anyone familiar with the Tony Robbins or even the personal development field in general there's not too much new here.
É The Power of Ambition É Jim Rohn has some amazing ideas! Worth a revist and will have to revisit in the future to refresh those ideas Amazing book! So much wisdom, presented in a clearcut, no BS way.
You either choose to take action toward achieving your goals (whatever they may be), or you don't.
Great advice.

Top takeaways:
We must be happy with what we have while in the pursuit of what we want.

Ask yourself are all your daily engagements you are currently doing taking you to where you want to go?
Today is a direct result of what you did yesterday.

Success and failure is more closely linked to ambition than any other 'emotion'.
The power of will IS ambition.
I CAN and I WILL are very important affirmative statements.
Those who are not afraid to fail will do whatever it takes to continue trying, passing through many failures on the way to success.
Rhon says that 'making measurable progress in reasonable time' is the way to keep ambition alive.
Some of the ways he suggests measuring progress is by: listmaking, journalkeeping, selfinventory.
Firstly, when a list is made, goals are on paper where they are easier to keep in the line of sight.
As things get marked off, progress can be seen on paper.
This visual cue excites ambition! Journalkeeping is a great way to go back and see how far one has come.

Rhon also touches on the obvious: EDUCATION.
Wi I've been reading (and listening) to Jim Rohn since the 1980's.
He is truly inspiring.
A terrific speaker and writer.
I've listened to The Power of Ambition many times as an audio book.
The timeless message is just as valuable to me today in my late 50's as it was in my early 20's.
Be ready for some tough love also.
his message is all about personal responsibility.
You are responsible for your own success.
If you succeed, you created that success.
If you fail, you created that failure.
It's your choice.
and your choice alone.
The book will change your life for the better.
Please read.
"Make sure your upcoming success is at the service of others, not at the expense of others".
~ Jim Rohn, The Power of Ambition

This is a great program and I had a hard time putting it down, as it contains so much on personal development; however, in a communication style that is down to earth and makes sense.

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