Foreword The Lady and the Little Fox Fur An extraordinary book.
Once I became accustomed to the prose style I enjoyed the book.
A down and out 60 year old lady living in Paris.
You can just imagine a character like this.
Living by oneself and talking to the furniture.
Wandering around the city.
Wonderful descriptions of Paris and the twinkling lights on the Seine.
Violette certainly packs a punch and makes one think.
You will never look at the elderly in the same way again.
Recommended for something completely different I have wanted to read Violette Leduc s novella, The Lady and the Little Fox Fur, for such a long time, but was never able to find a copy for an affordable price Thank goodness for Penguin, who have recently published it in a gorgeous edition as part of their European Writers series Translated from the French by Derek Coltman, and first published in 1965, the Penguin publication includes an introduction written by Deborah Levy The Guardian writes that the novella gives a forceful affirmation of the human spirit , and The Observer that Leduc can capture the smells of a country childhood, dazzle with the lights of the Place de la Concorde or make you feel the silky slither of her eel grey suit Among Leduc s first admirers were Albert Camus and Simone de Beauvoir, who were beguiled by her writing.
The lady of the novella s title is a sixty year old woman who lives in Paris, i I freely admit that my ratings are always a highly subjective amalgam of 1 my perception of the book s literary merit, combined with 2 how much I enjoyed reading it The books from the Penguin European Writers series have been challenging for me to rate because although I have admired their experimentalism and art, I have not found them to be particularly enjoyable to read This has so far been my favourite of the three the other two being Death in Spring and The Beautiful Summer and I think it s because it delves so completely into the interior world of one character I m quite partial to books which give the reader a sense of how another person perceives and experiences the world It s one of the reasons, maybe one of the most important reasons, why fiction is so important t In The Depths Of Poverty, An Old Woman Escapes Into An Existence Where Objects, Streets, And Entire Cities Have Voices And Personalities Told With A Feather Light Touch And Masterful Compassion, This Is A Story For Those Moments When We Catch Ourselves Talking To The Download Epub Format ó La femme au petit renard PDF by ☆ Violette Leduc Furniture

Everyone read Leduc right now.
A window into the mind of a destitute old woman who has gone mad with hunger and loneliness in Paris The stream of consciousness writing can be hard to follow, but is certainly effective by the end, you join her in her imaginary world and understand to a degree how she thinks.
À La femme au petit renard ¼ And just like that, November is off to a flying start I have to say, I really enjoyed this quirky, odd book Set in Paris, the plot is about an old woman who lives in an attic flat, counting out coffee beans every morning She is starving and lonely When an insect leaves, she mourns it s departure Forming an attachment to a little fox fur is her salvation The introduction is written by Deborah Levy, and she states the novel has grand themes loneliness, humiliation, hunger, defeat, disappointment I agree, but it also has the notion of love, in the physical sense and what this means and represents to so many of us I felt so lonely reading these pages, her isolation was so real I don t think I understood all of it, however some parts went way over my head I d never heard of this Deborah Levy, the translator, compares Leduc to both Samuel Beckett and Virginia Woolf, and the hybrid comparison is certainly apt Yet there is something here about the strangeness of tiny moments that is like photography than Beckett, like actual breathing than Woolf She sacrificed fifty five francs for a M tro ticket, she hummed, she took herself for a little butterfly before a storm STUNNING

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