I thought I would like this book turns out I didnt like it at all It wasnt the sex that turned me off from the book I was the type of relationship Bran and Glynis have I realize that every relationship has some differences and that some people havefedishes But this type of relationship pust put me ill at ease spoilers My issues with the relationship is that Bran seems to want a child that he can sleep with Not an adult woman A seragot father he is called a few times She is given a nanny to clothe and bathe her and correct anything she does that they feel is not right, like a child Until night falls when he has his way with her not my kind of read.
Highlander This one was ok i think they all have the same pattern the story is just a different one each time Can t believe I read this Hoo boy.
I enjoyed this short story I would have liked to have seeninteraction between Bran and Glynis outside the bedchamber but it is only 90 pages and the author did a great job of telling a good story in that amount of time Most of the focus is on Glynis with little on Bran but a laird is often a busy man with little time for niceties I loved to see how Glynis learned to control herself and not let her mouth or her actions cause any strife among the clans I did feel that Bran wasn t justified in giving one of his punishments and that it makes him Bran the Bull headed Overall, it is an entertaining 1 2 hour read.
In reading some of the negative reviews for this book, I wanted to add the warning that this is an AGE PLAY story as stated at the end of the b Í The Highlanders Little Lass (Little History #2) ↠´ This is the first Highlander Romance I have read ever I typically don t go for historical romance but the cover drew me in and I knew I had to read this I recently discovered Ava Sinclair and fell in love Glynis Mcleod has been offered up for marriage as a part of a peace treaty between rivaling clans Her sassy attitude makes her a spitfire from the beginning but Bryan McKinnon is up for the challenge Leading an unsatisfying life of bedding women, he longs for the woman that will sate his desires.
Glynis is challenging from the beginning of their relationship but molds into a beautiful little wife Bryan has found himself in his wife Together they mold into the perfect blend of age play, spanking, and of course romance.
When I started this I wasn t sure how Sinclair was going to incorporate age play into the time per

A great readIt was a good book and secured my daddy fix I have rearead this book multiple times Would totally b recommend it.
McLeod and McKinnon The king wanted peace and there is one way to ensure it, and that is to married the Laird to the daughter of the other clan s laird So regardless of their feelings on the matter, that is what happened.
Brian marries the willful Glynis and sets out to fix their problem between clans and between themselves by treating Glynis as he sees her and as he has always dreamed of doing having a child and a bride in one The age play was a main theme but not much even though there were mentions of things that never came to pass The skelping spanking was well done and done often enough to be satisfying Not harsh.
The only thing missing was thethan superficial connection with the characters I felt that if there was a bittime spent humanizing them , it would have been an opportunity to connect better.
Overall, a good story a before be I love historical romances and it is even better when a bit of erotica is mixed in.
Glynis McLeod is a strong headed, willful little spitfire who is used to getting what she wants when she wants it She is the daughter of Laird Mcleod and the king has ordered a truce between his clan and that of the Mckinnons.
Bran the Bull as he is known is Laird of his clan, the leader of his people but has he got what it takes to make this little spitfire, his soon to be bride obey his commands Or will he have to take her in hand and teach her what disobedience earns someone who acts anything other than ladylike But the action doesnt end there and neither does the danger If you like action, mystery and hot wild romance then this is a story y I really enjoyed The Highlander s Lass.
if you re like me and can read very fast, this is a perfect book to sit down for an half an hour or so and be entertained My only problem is that I wish it had been longer SPOILERS So, to bare bones the story, an arranged marriage between two rival clans is interesting one of my favorite set ups in the historical romance genre , and my favorite part was that the story started off with the man s point of view Being that this is a female oriented genre, I thought this was a nice touch showing his thoughts and fears about his upcoming marriage, only to have it all dashed when he meets Glynnis I also love the heroine, the quintessential brat who just needs afirm hand.
Bran the Bull and Glynnis are soon married after a very public spanking , and Bran is h The Daughter Of A Powerful Highland Laird, Glynis McLeod Should Have Made A Fine Wife For Any Scotsman Having Been Deprived Of Discipline By Her Mother S Untimely Passing, However, Glynis Grew Up Wild And Unchecked As A Lass Of Twenty, She Has Precious Little Respect For Any Man, Let Alone A Husband Her Father Might Choose For HerBut Even A Doting Father Must Obey His King, And When The King Demands A Marriage To Ensure Lasting Peace Between Rival Clans, Glynis Finds Herself The Very Reluctant Bride [ read Online The Highlanders Little Lass (Little History #2) Ã indian-literature PDF ] by Ava Sinclair Ë Of Bran McKinnon Known As Bran The Bull Both For His Size And His Fearsome Sexual Appetites He Is A Man Accustomed To Being Obeyed, A Fact Which Is Quickly Impressed Upon Glynis When Her Lack Of Decorum Earns Her A Bare Bottom Spanking From Her Future Husband In The Great Hall Of Her Father S CastleAs Soon As Bran Lays Eyes On Glynis, He Knows The Fiery Redhead Is Exactly What He S Been Seeking A Woman Who Needs Both The Firm Hand Of A Father Figure And The Dominant Lovemaking Of A Husband With The Help Of Her Childhood Nanny, Bran Sets About Training His Feisty Highland Lass To Be The Obedient Wife He Expects Blushing Cheeks And A Sore Bottom Quickly Help Glynis Become The Good Little Girl Her Husband Desires, But When Danger Threatens The King S Peace, Will Bran Recognize In Time That There S To His Young Bride Than Meets The Eye Publisher S Note The Highlander S Little Lass Is An Erotic Romance Novel That Includes Spankings, Sexual Scenes, Extensive Age Play, Anal Play, And If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book

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