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Monty Montague Was Born And Bred To Be A Gentleman, But He Was Never One To Be Tamed The Finest Boarding Schools In England And The Constant Disapproval Of His Father Haven T Been Able To Curb Any Of His Roguish Passions Not For Gambling Halls, Late Nights Spent With A Bottle Of Spirits, Or Waking Up In The Arms Of Women Or MenBut As Monty Embarks On His Grand Tour Of Europe, His Quest For A Life Filled With Trailer Ì The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue PDF by í Mackenzi Lee Pleasure And Vice Is In Danger Of Coming To An End Not Only Does His Father Expect Him To Take Over The Family S Estate Upon His Return, But Monty Is Also Nursing An Impossible Crush On His Best Friend And Traveling Companion, PercyStill It Isn T In Monty S Nature To Give Up Even With His Younger Sister, Felicity, In Tow, He Vows To Make This Yearlong Escapade One Last Hedonistic Hurrah And Flirt With Percy From Paris To Rome But When One Of Monty S Reckless Decisions Turns Their Trip Abroad Into A Harrowing Manhunt That Spans Across Europe, It Calls Into Question Everything He Knows, Including His Relationship With The Boy He Adores 4.
25 So much fun Y ALLTHISDANGBOOKCW child abuse, alcoholism, abelism, racismI absolutely lovedThe Gentleman s Guide to Vice and Virtue It blew away all of my expectations I went in expecting a cutesy YA m m romance novel set in the 1700s, but it was so muchThis novel is full of action, adventure, feminism, a sassy narrator, high stakes, AND a cutest m m romance.
I loved all the main characters they are a terrific trio Monty is particularly interesting to me because his addictions and recklessness make him potentially unlikable, but his sass, quick wit, and vulnerability make him impossible to love Percy is such a mush he is a precious lil bean who deserves the world for his kindheartedness Also, kudos to the author for including epilepsy representation I ve grown up in a hou I haven t even the words to summarise how much I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING ADORE THIS BOOK I can t even stop gushing about it Everything was beyond perfect and I am in love It was sassy and hilarious and fast moving like how did I read 500 pages in a day and so adorable I cannot even I just cannot Honestly as soon as this is out I m BUYING IT AND THEN HUGGING IT and then putting it on my Favourite books Of Ever Shelf.
Unfortunately it doesn t come out till June Erm, so sorry about me gushing so early I m just going to do a smol review now and come back and re read and shout at youon release day But just know it is 5000% PERFECTION and one of the best books of life You re going to need it YOU ARE.
WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH it s seriously dow ó The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue ↠´ Are you going to give me the fornication without the intention of procreation is of the devil and a crime lecture I believe I could recite it from memory by now Monty Perhaps I am trying to procreate with all these lads and I m just very misinformed about the whole process If only Eton hadn t thrown me outWow, so I expected cute and amusing, but I did not expect to find both the funniest thing I ve ever read, and also one of the most unfortunately personally relevant to me things I have ever read This book means the world to me Also, THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY I literally do not remember the last time I enjoyed reading a book so much Even my reading slump couldn t conquer this book After I got off my slump creating kindle and on to the hardcover copy I read at the bookstore, I read this in less than 24 hours YES Jus

5 This was so fun and cute So much love The Gentleman s Guide to Vice and VirtueYA adventure, own voices queer rep.
I loved this novel, and not even just because one of the main characters is named Percy Set in the 1700s, it s the story of Henry Monty Montague, who is embarking on his Grand Tour of Europe one last teenage year of wildness and oat sewing before he is supposed to take over as his father s heir and get down to the deadly boring business of being an adult.
If a year traveling around Europe sounds awesome to you, think again For one thing, Monty has just gotten kicked out of university for having an affair with another young man His father, after beating Monty severely, has warned him that he will come back from his Grand Tour ready to be a proper young gentleman or he will be disinherited and left penniless Henry is given a strict chaperon As we sail across the Channel toward Calais, this is what I m thinking of Percy and me and England sinking into the sea behind us, and also French lads and their tight breeches and, zounds, I can t wait to get to Paris I am also maybe a tiny bit drunk.
This book is wonderful Just so so much fun It s light, it s silly, and I just couldn t stop giggling to myself from start to finish It reminds me of My Lady Jane, but with lots of gay love and drunken shenanigans.
Henry Montague, or Monty to those close to him, is about to set out on a Grand Tour of Europe with his sister and best friend, Percy From Paris, through Marseilles, Barcelona, and Venice, to finally arrive on the beautiful island of Santorini I m jealous just thinking about it He had initially planned a trip full of drink, love affairs, and merriment, but his father is trying to ruin his plans by sending Mr Lockwood to watch

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