What in the actual hell did I read? 😱 This is crazy!!! But I’m crazier because I loved it! 😂 I mean this is one of the most authentic and outrageous storylines I’ve ever read.
😳 I actually wonder how someone is able to come up with this kind of story.
😁 Still, I really liked it.
I can’t believe it has been 10 years since this story started.
This started as an adult online fiction and now it’s selfpublished on Amazon.
What a journey it has been! 👏 A few of my friends have read this book but they obviously read this back in its FF days so they had a lot of problems with editing and revising.
I was able to read the heavily edited and revised version so I’m not sure the storyline is exactly same or not.
But at least the skeleton must be same.
One thing for sure is that the author changed the names of some MCs.
For example, our omega MC was called Think I may need to create a 'disturbed me that I liked it' shelf, just for this book.
I could have sworn I already had one.
Really don't know what to feel here.
Apart from the main brocest storyline which will already disturb many readers, there is a darkness within each of the brothers, almost a Carnalli curse, especially the eldest (Quentin) and youngest (Alain).
There is also a very predatory feel to the brothers that disturbed me at times, and it almost disgusts you the situations they put Alain in to take advantage of him.
Believe me when I tell you, there are many situations that are very, very wrong.
Still, the writing is stellar, the twists and turns are amazing and sex scenes are HAWT!! I mean, really, really HOT.
I just couldn't put the book down.

As an aside, Quentin is one of the most deliciously disturbing Roll up, Roll up.
Come meet The Carnalli Brothers who take the term of brotherly love, to a whole new level 😉.

I bought my ticket to this Carnalli IncestFest, knowing exactly what I was getting and also what to expect, or did I?
I laughed (a lot).
I eyerolled (one hell of a lot) and I howled at the pure audaciousness of it all (so OTT) but I took it for what it wasan Incestuous Fuckfeast between Alan (that boring name really should be changed) a 21 year old virgin, youngest brother of the Carnalli Clan and his brothers.
It was all going incestuously well, until around the 80% mark.
Then the WTF moment hit.
Suddenly it was non longer the frivolous IncestFest that I bought my ticket for, it had taken a sudden dark turn.
One I certainly wasn’t expecting.

Now I don’t want to do a spoiler, but did a ce Brocest x 4.
Or is that times 5? Five brothers, all of whom want to fuck the youngest one, Alain.
And they all get a piece of him.
Maybe he’s in heat and bromones are drawing them all in.
Whatever he case, he loves it.

So there’s incest, plenty of it.
Rape, vicious.
Not just once.
There’s some mafia angle in there that didn’t really make sense.
Some sort of blackmail angle.
And apple pie.

There were editing issues.
A plenty.

But aside from all the normative “wrongness” of this book, I couldn’t put it down.
It was hot and disturbing and confusing.
And I couldn’t stop reading it.
I didn’t even like the characters that much.
OK, I liked Con.

How does this happen? read it, but beware, you might like it despite yourself, but don’t feel guilty.
it’s only fiction.
Has Just Come Home From College For His St Birthday, But Home Is A Very Different Place Since His And His Four Brothers' Dad Died Last Fall

Status: Complete
The Carnalli Complex (Carnalli Brothers, #1) É butch-femme PDF ] by Passhenette1 Ò >

I grabbed up this book for 1 reason.
BROcest and I wasn't disappointed! (view spoiler)

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