Mentions her good friend Agatha once but not how she knows her, jumps around disjointedly Plot was a little simple for my liking and very predictable As in the case of the Federal Witch 5 book nothing isannoying than missing events in the story line, and it is not a reason garner additional funds to fill those gaps with later novels And for that reason I took a star away.
Put the price up of the novels and complete the story line in a lengthier book The characters and stroy lines should sell themselves and keep readers returning forof the same.
I think it is time for a Federal Witch Universe hiatus.
5 stars perhaps I liked the book until the chapter 16 From then on the story is in a shambles There s at the very least 1 3 of the book missing and not accidentally either There is this weirdest jarring transition of the main character from an unskilled novice to a master magical fighter The point of any book where a main character learns to master skills and their powers is reading about how they do it, how they progress, what sorts of mental and other blocks they overcome and so on Not here Zhanna found the door in the cave, she together with her cat and two mercenaries stepped through it and that s all Next, they all back and the description follows how changed they all are how they became calmer, stronger,skilled, there s some extra jewelry in the picture and also suddenly they work together beautifully like She Who Will Reset the Legacy of the VolkhvyZhanna is a young witch with great potential power Her familiar Dascha is a formidable cat that guides and protects her She tries to get training in magic and martial arts but the men discriminate against her because she is a woman She determines to train herself and gets assistance on the astral plane from spirits of deceased mages The Volkhvy were the elders and teachers of the new witches who were all killed in a sacrifice to end a war and protect the people Powerful spirits on the astral plane are working with Zhanna trying to bring back honor, knowledge, and leadership to the Russian witches The main characters have excellent chemistry Krava is the epitome of an evil villain The story pulls me in and doesn t let go even at Not a bad read It seemed to take a while to pull me in I greatly enjoyed the Familiar books.
Honestly, I m trying to figure out what happened in the Badger Hole story There s a hole in what happens in the Federal Witch series where she returns with enhanced powers I was thinking I could find out what happened here, but no dice Just another hole in this story where they go through a door and returnpowerful after time spent there.
Great story A very interesting book withinformation on the Russian mercenaries in the Federal Witch Agatha Black series What a wonderful heroine Zhanna is She is unassuming to start, but as she encounters the terrible results of evil her sense of honor and determination to help others causes her to bloom I am excited to readabout her and the hopeful future for the remnants of her people, who have suffered as a result of so many of them dying in the past to save others.
Of Their Elders In Magic, Hired Out To Strangers To Feed Their Families Survival Was A Constant Battle For The Russian Witches Despised By Other Witches For Their Rigid Focus On Contracts, They Were Without A Moral Compass, Honorless That Was Not Good Enough For Some For The Young Witch, Zhanna, Life Was Not Worth Living Without Honor Or Her Magic Could She Find Both In Her Homeland Would Her [Taki Drake] ✓ Shade of Honor (Federal Witch: Standard of Honor, #1) [south-africa PDF] Ebook Epub Download ½ Desire And Drive Be Enough To Locate Her Shade Of Honor Å Shade of Honor (Federal Witch: Standard of Honor, #1) Ó Another awesome book from the federal witch seriesThis book is about a warrior witch who serves her Village as a Healer warrior and is captured by vampires Her Adventures and romance begins here.
The characters are great, sexy, humorous, and relatable In this world of fantasy has the best both paranormal and Syfy worlds The plot is unique, Vivid, and descriptive.
I would highly recommend this book to readers.
bookwormsuzy What a little GemI really loved the lead character Zhanna and felt she has great potential to right lots of wrongs in the World She has great compassion and an honorable sense of justice Her fellow characters fit in the story very well This series has got legs Looking forward to the next the series.
I REALLY like this bookIt starts out like an old Russian folk tale, and keeps on getting better and better Great plot, well written, awesome characters No spoilers here, just a simple this is a great read I actually finished it in one sitting and I am really looking forward to the next book in the series.

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