Great series droll.
Bernie Rhodenbarr, Gentleman Thief, now with extra added lesbian dwarf henchperson.
If you re an old hand with the Burglar series from Lawrence Block you know the drill Bernie commits a crime, somehow gets framed for murder and then needs to get himself out of a jam by doing the cops work for them whilst cracking wise It s his lesbian dwarf henchperson that gets him fingered this time and it s a close friend who is the unfortunate corpse, it s fair to say Bernie has had better weeks, but that doesn t stop him from putting a fair few people behind bars and making a tidy profit in the bargain.
Block walks you through this latest confession with stunning ease, wit and flair, his modern day Raffles taking great pleasure in discussing philosophy, the finer points of BE, orthotics, pastries, exotic breeds of dog and rare coins Oncehe provides a li The Realm Of Larceny, There S No One Quite Like Bernie Rhodenbarr A Gentleman, A bookseller, And A Thief, Bernie Steals With Style But Now Lawrence Block S Beloved Criminal Has Discovered One Of The Abiding Truths About The Burglary Business Two S Company Three Is Definitely A Crowd The Second Burglars Were Bernie And His Dog Grooming Partner, Carolyn They Came To Rob The Colcannons West Side Brownstone While The Couple Was Out Of Town Having Their Own Personal Burglar Alarm A Download Epub Format ↠´ The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza PDF by à Lawrence Block Bouvier Named Astrid Bred But When Bernie And Carolyn Break In They Discover That They Ve Already Been Beaten To The Punch Fortunately For Bernie, The First Burglars Left Behind Some Decent Goods, Including A Pair Of Emerald Earrings, A Fine Piaget Watch, And A Valuable Coin That Could Just Be Too Hot To Handle But Of Course He Takes It Anyway The Colcannon Home, Though, Still Has A Busy Night Ahead, And The Next Morning One Person Is Dead And When The Next Murder Strikes Uncomfortably Close To Home, It S Time For Bernie To Go To Work Because Somewhere Between A Bungled Burglary, A Nasty Case Of Double Homicide, And A Rare Nickel Is A Case That Makes Little Sense So I just picked up all the Burglar books the 2nd hand bookshop in Fredericton had, which was the first and two other random members of the series Circumstances have changed a bit between the first book and this the supporting cast is completely different apart from Ray the corrupt cop, Bernie runs a 2nd hand bookshop of his own a money losing business and seems to be less sexist On the other hand he still burgles and still ends up having to solve a murderBernie s adventures are still amusing but in this example are also a bit confusinghow did not end up arrested, again They just keep getting better.
Another entertaining entry in the Burglar series It s hard to believe that the very dark and violent and very good Matthew Scudder novels are written by the same Lawrence Block This series is so light and fun Bernie is a great character, a wisecracking burglar and book enthusiast who it is a pleasure to spend time with.
¿ The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza ✓ Fun little murder mystery with the witty cat burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr as the sleuth This one featured murder over a rare coin.
I m on Bernie Binge I discovered this series from one of the cheap Nook sites, and have been hooked for a couple of months as I hunt down the others This one was one of my favorites I loved the characters and the situation

Even back in the days beforeit was tough to turn a profit running a used bookstore so Bernie Rhodenbarr supplements his income by the occasional burglary job When his best friend Carolyn has a hot tip about an easy score about some wealthy people being on an overnight trip it seems like easy money, but after breaking into their home Bernie finds that some other thieves have already hit the place Still, he manages to find an uncracked safe with some loot inside so it seems like a successful heist with a potentially big payday thanks to a rare coin However, the police soon pick up Bernie on suspicion of murder How can a honest thief prove his innocence As I ve noted in other reviews, this isn t my favorite Lawrence Block series, and I wasn t all that interest This is the first book i have read in this series and it was a very good place to start Bernie Rhodenbarr is such a witty,fun character to read about His POV makes so much sense that i got past easily the fact he is burglar who likes to rob people I expected this story to beof heist story but it was fun combo of murder mustery and heist story Its was so funny to read a burglar who enjoys his craft,takes pride in his skill and at the same time trying to act like an amateur ddetective and solve a murder case he is involved in Also a well written mystery that i tried to guess, predict the killer but Block was too good to make it predictable to guess As usual i enjoyed Blocks vivid portrayl of street level New York City and his characters walking around in that setting.

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