4 Recognizing It s Real Stars Spoiler FreeC.
Reiss is not a one trick pony Anyone who reads her work should be very aware of this She has written extremely raw, intense, erotic work Every single one of those stories has been layered with intricate insights into the characters and plots Even during the darkest stories, Reiss will throw in sly humor appropriate to the situation So it could become easy to think heavy erotic when you think of C.
D Reiss and you would be rightBut you would also miss another part of the Reiss catalog.
Reiss has always played with another side of romance, a tract not as openly intense, astealthy way of getting to the core of what makes characters be who they are, what they need and how they can find their person.
Only Ever You is one of those intricate and revealing books It is the type of read which will start out and little by little gr 3 Aligning Stars Rachel Sebastian were besties through high school Where Sebastian was the nerdy artist besotted with his friend Rachel was the protector.
In a moment of wistful future planning, these two teens settled on a back up plan A marriage contract in the event they were both still single at 30 Merry Christmas, Rachel We re thirty this year Big 3 0 Remember we had a deal I moved back from Silicon Valley I ll be on Mandarin Lane for Christmas Hope to see you then Sebastian Rachel in all her studious and ambitious glory never expected to be at the bottom of the career ladder in her field, struggling and single On the flip side, Sebastian, former geek has accomplishedthen most But now 30, he s back to collect on the dealWhere Sebastian is ready to get the girl , Rachel has serious reservations Firstly, which sane pers New York Times Bestselling Author CD Reiss Comes A Story Of Friendship, Romance, And Growing Into A Love That Was Always ThereRachel Knew Exactly What Turning Thirty Would Be Like She Had A Plan, After All First College, Then A Climb Up The Professional Ladder Love, Marriage, Children All Of It Was On The ScheduleThe Cheap Hollywood Apartment Wasn T On The List Neither Was The String Of Heartbreaks Or The Effect Her Mother S Cancer Had On Her CareerIt S Hard Trailer Ï Only Ever You PDF by è C.
Reiss To Stay Practical And On Point When Everything Takes A Left TurnEnter Sebastian, The Nerd Across The Street The Boy She Defended When He Couldn T Defend Himself The Best Friend She Promised She D Marry If Life Didn T Go According To PlanNot Only Is He Successful, Confident, And Gorgeous, But He Also Still Has Their Handwritten Marriage ContractNo One Goes Through With Childhood Wedding PactsThat S CrazyBut Their Families Might Just Be Crazy Enough To Rent A Hall And Set A Date All Rachel And Sebastian Have To Do Is Fall In Love 4 Solid StarsFrom the time Rachel s family moved in across the street from Sebastian, she s been doing her best to take care of him When boys will be boys meant young Sebastian got bullied on a daily basis, Rachel always made sure she was there to diffuse the situation When Sebastian didn t get invited to any of the parties the popular Rachel did, she stayed home and they had their own party So it should come as no surprise Sebastian developed a wee bit of a crush on the warrior like teenage girl that always had his back.
A marriage contract, though Really Is Sebastian crazy 14 year old Rachel s not sure that s such a good idea Besides, she has plans to take over Hollywood with her kick ass screenwriting and natural talent Thirty seems like a long way off, but a little backup plan never hurt anyone What s the harm in agreeing to marry her best friend if they re both still s Sweet, Funny, Light, Heartfelt, Endearing.
those are words came to mind when I finished Only Ever You It put me in a happy place because it was such a feel good read A second chance romance starting with best friends from high school who lived across a street from one another who signed a quirky contract to get married if neither were married by the age of 30 Fast forward to age 30 and you can guess, no one is married.
Sebastian, the former dweeb, who use to have Rachel sticking up for him has turned into a sexy, well built, confident man who is now very successful Rachel, the former sassy, confident beautiful girl has turned into still beautiful but an insecure and doubtful woman who has become a screenwriter And when these two reconnect with one another, their friendship 4.
5 Stars ARC provided by Social Butterfly PR Rachel Rendell just turned 30, and feels she has nothing to show for it It s like everything in her life is one big joke, and nothing has gone according to plan She thought her life would take a certain path with college, career, love, marriage, and then children Instead all she feels she s accomplished is heartbreak and disappointment Then a blast from the past shows back up in her life, and things suddenly get interesting.
Rachel hasn t seen Sebastian Barton in ten years since they went to different colleges, and time and distance got in the way of their friendship They d been neighbors in San Diego, and high school best friends He d been the nerdy artist kid, and she d defended him against the class bullies Sebastian Î Only Ever You × Only Ever You Sebastian and Rachel s story is well written and engaging It s a super sweet second chance romance Here s what I enjoyed The fake fianc trope is one of my favorites The reason behind the unplanned engagement was a good one The relationship progression was fun to watch I thoroughly enjoyed Sebastion s character over the course of the novel He s such a great hero Steadfast, sexy, put together, and totally in love with his girl This author s writing is always stellar Clean and concise Her books are always well planned and put together Unfortunately, I didn t fall for the heroine Her insecurities were just a bit too much, but other than that, this was a sweet entertaining read Forof my reviews My Blog Book Twins Reviews Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe to Blog

The friends to lovers trope is always a tough one for me to enjoy I may be a tad too critical when it comes to this trope but I either love it or just can t stand it Only Ever You can only be described as beautiful I really enjoyed this so much I loved the characters I am head over heels in love with Sebastian Normally I love alpha males but there is something about him that just draws me.
To be honest, I ve read only two other books by CD Reiss so compared to those, Only Ever You was honestly pretty tame but I didn t mind I actually enjoyed it.
Some may think this is a modern love story but for Rachel and Sebastian it s not Rachel and Sebastion grew up best friends and typical best friends they stuck up for eachother Except it was Rachel that always stuck up for Sebastion because he was small and nerdy Rachel and Sebastian left for college and they returned home 14 years later they saw eachother There family loves them and is pushing them to be together but can they be together and be happy or will they do it just to make thier families happy I loved how Rachel was the hero in the beginning of the book but you fast forward 14 years and the roles reversed and Sebastion grows out of his nerd state and into a strong handsome man Can these two find love or are they doomed to be friends forever I love CD Reiss s writing it s not only I have read numerous CD Reiss novels beginning with the Drazen family to herrecent Edge series but none have impacted me like Only Ever You has I loved this story so much and am borderline obsessed with Sebastian He was so charming, honest and steadfastly in love with Rachel It has always been her for him and it was so touching watching their love story play out I loved this story so much and never wanted it to end Reiss remarkably pens a lovestory between two childhood bestfriends and neighbors who make a wedding pact at sixteen years old to wed if they are single at thirty But when the once strong, sassy and protective Rachel sees the sexy, successful and handsome Sebastian, she wonders if she is good enough for the catch that Sebastian has become.
I felt this was not only a love story between Sebastian and Ra

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