Learning How to Eat Again is an extraordinarily useful book for three reasons 1 It tackles a serious and seemingly overwhelming problem, 2 It offers a genuinely useful solution, and 3 The author writes with a style that makes it an extremely enjoyable experience to read.
Who can deny that the game is fixed against us in our efforts to keep excess weight off our bodies The author identifies who the enemy is fast food restaurants, television advertising, the hedonistic nature I our society, and prepackaged foods that are mislabeled to convince the consumer that they are healthy products.
What really makes this book indispensable is that the author researched how best to eat well in order to maintain a healthy weight, and then he tested his conclusion on himself The remarkable I ve been concerned about my health and fitness lately, so I searched the internet and found Brian V Menard s amazing book,Learning How to Eat Again I found it to be very inspirational as it helped me start the diet and exercise that I ve been needing.
As of today, by monitoring the daily fat intake, the pounds have dropped, my energy has increased and my blood sugar has beenunder control Cholesterol numbers better too I highly recommend this easy to follow book that teaches you how to look at your dailyfood intake in a different way It s working for me 5 starsall the way

Brian Menard s Learning How to Eat is a must for anyone wanting to eat healthy, maintain their body weight, lose weight or watching their DFI daily fat intake Brian knows what he is talking about why he has lived it He explains the methods he used to lose over 50 pounds in only 7 months and evn allows days for cheating and eating out As individuals, we strive to improve in our work performance to get that raiseplanning a weekend getaway for the relationship to become strongersaving for our kids college fund to make things easier in the futureSo, why not prepare to live longer by taking care of it by eating healthier As Brian states, They say every great journey begins with a single step I have learned ways of eating healthier so I will feel better mentally and physically.
This is a pathetically researched book It parrots misinformation from the seventies, stressing things that have subsequently been disproved It lays the blame for weight gain on fats, and ignores all recent research that PROVES that excess consumption of processed carbohydrates is the driver behind the massive increase in obesity Some fats, trans fats etc.
, should be avoided, but while excessive fat consumption is not healthy, fats in a diet are essential to good health Look at the skin and how rapidly it ages on women who live a low fat life Even saturated fats are not the bogey men they have been painted unless they are burned We live in a world where commercially processed grocery store foods and fast food providers all use excessive quantities of carbs in their products because they are inexpensive when compared to protein.
This book will NOT help you become healthy, it will disappoin Congratulations to Mr Menard on his weight loss I commend anyone who takes steps to bring their weight under control.
This book isof a personal experience written by a layperson rather than an actual diet book written by someone who has an education or background in nutrition There is no documentation referenced in this book regarding Mr Menard s diet as being nutritionally sound, especially for those with health issues or dietary restrictions.
Because this is not really a diet book as much as it is a dieter s personal experience, I can t recommend it.
Do you feel you re eating too much fat in your foods, and that you don t know where to start on how to trim this from your diet Or, on the other hand, are you not feeling your best, and believe that fatty foods are contributing to this Learning How to Eat AGAIN is a very helpful, comprehensive guide on how to control the daily fat intake DFI in one s diet, and to be conscious of the foods which may be delicious, but, may not be beneficial for long term health It is written in a easy to read manner, without ever becoming overly scientific or staid, but always engaging and logical in its handling of a topic which is of concern to people the world over.
Learning How to Eat é I enjoyed reading this easy to understand guide to losing weight and doing it the healthy way Mr Menard explained the information in such a way that I was eager to knowI m going to keep this book handy for those weak moments when I get into a rut with my eating habits Re reading the info should get me back on track.
If you want to read a short book about a low fat diet, then this is for you Easy to read and understand with some great tipsit s a way of approaching eating which makes sense, so I ll probably try it.
EASY PLAN REALLY WORKS Learning How to Eat Again Is Designed To Reveal How The Careful Monitoring Of Daily Fat Intake DFI Can Allow A Person To EASILY Control Their Weight Deceptive Food Industry Practices Have Made It Necessary To Learn How To Determine Fat Content Of Food Products Without Depending On The Product Disclosures With Practice, Anyone Can Learn To Regulate Their DFI And Thus, Lose As Much Weight As Trailer ò Learning How to Eat PDF by ò Brian V.
Menard They Desire And KEEP IT OFF

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