Empty Inside The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager really fits its name because it was, well, EMPTY INSIDE Instead of ravishing details and an insight into ED like I had hoped, it came up short with FLAT FLAT FLAT characters and this is how Kim speaks and minimalist descriptions of an obviously made up diary of a teenage girl battling an eating disorder It was very slow I m talking SNAIL PACE In fact I was 80% through my e book version of it and I had to look when it started mentioning the seriousness of her condition, hospital runs, etc The most horrible fact it was ALL TELL and no SHOWING and only the help of coffee and by the grace of God was I capable of getting through this snooze fest This is my absolute LAST time reading a book written in journal entry style Lesson learned Thank you coffee Shelby books like this just made me depressed the never helped me to figure out who I am, or how I can not be like this anonymous teenager I don t know if I d go so far as to say that they ought not to be published, but it s pretty close to that They make a lot of situations worse, and not better That s how it was for me with most of these books, and the people that I saw read them too Anonymous diaries don t help teens they just show them how to be unstable better.
Am So ScaredI Feel Like I M Silently Screaming For Help And No One Pays Any Attention Of Tries To Hear MeI Can T Control Anything Any It S All Out To Get Me When Kim Can T Handle Things, She Eats Then She Purges Sometimes She Fasts She Knows She Isn T As Thin As The Other Girls On Her Gymnastics Team, And She S Worried That Now, Away From Home For [Beatrice Sparks] Ø Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager [african-american PDF] read Online ☆ The First Time As A College Freshman, She Won T Be Able To Live Up To Expectations Especially Her Own Eating Is The One Thing She Can Control Or Can She TERRIBLE Poorly written, no excuse for this as it s clearly fiction Completely unrealistic account of an ED Protagonist is irritating.
í Kim: Empty Inside: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager ↠´ A quick read of the title will instantaneously tell you the format in which this book is written, a diary entry format The feature that I most enjoyed about the book was that, unlike other diary entry books, this one actually feels as though I am flicking through the pages of someone s life through their eyes Additionally, the book targets a contentious issue, that is, eating disorders The author manages to discuss this issue in a way that would reach out to many suffering from eating disorders, as well as educate others about the effects of eating disorders Another plus is that even though Kim Empty Inside is about the struggles of a teenage girl s eating habits, the book also includes other themes, such as f I absolutely loved this book It is not something you read about every day, but yet something interesting and common in many people My favorite character of the book was Jade Jade is brave, and likes helping others She like every person has flaws, but they re few and she does her best to correct them She has a lot in common with Kim, which is why they get along so well My least favorite characters were Rod and Mark These guys make Kim s life complicated and traumatizing They are two selfish guys who only want one thing, and they will go to any extend to make it possible If this book was made into a movie I would have no specific actors All I would ask for is that they seem as an everyday simple kind of person.
The reason I kept reading this book was because everything seems so real, something we can all relate to in some way And overall it is something that could happen to anyone In some This was written in the manner a teenager truly would write their diary, which was very appealing to me It brought back silly memories of doting over boys, and bonding with girlfriends.
I initially picked this book up because the main character, Kim, is a gymnast I hoped to read all about her experiences with the sport, as a former gymnast, and coach myself It turned out that being a gymnast was just one aspect of who she was and really had very little do to with the self esteem problems that the book centered around While eating disorders are a phenomenon in competitive gymnastics, the book didn t link the two together as much as I had expected I have had, and still have several very close friends in my life who have battled or are battling with eating disorders which made this book close to my heart I was able t I didn t finish this I got a little before the halfway mark this morning after picking it up I was planning on finishing it after starting because it s better than the last Sparks book I tried to read, Finding Kate The thing is, there is only so much folloshness I can read I feel like a grunt, grunt, pig Um, yeah spoiled brat little squirty me wtf Get the hell out of here I can t read that I m actually a little pissed off right now that this is indeed a book This person is supposed to be almost 18 years old Now, I may have been a little too street and world wise by that age but come on Even the most sheltered kid, and I did have some sheltered friends, don t speak or write like that Sparks should be ashamed of herself If she s trying to help kids than she should try to make the person who wrote this diaries a little relatable I m

Ugh This book is maybe a 1.
5 I was really bothered by this one.
The only good thing about this book is that it does a pretty good job of portraying accurate symptoms of an eating disorder and showing how they can manifest It also had some awareness things in the back like symptoms and repercussions of eating disorders, and places that can help, which is always nice But everything else about this book I did not like.
The book is slow The character is an exact clone of the protagonist from Treacherous Love, right down to the poetry they randomly write in their journal and how they use words phrases they like the sound of even though they don t really know what they mean This is the third Beatrice Sparks book that I have read and all of the speakers including the one from Go Ask Alice are so similar that it is like she w I hated this book It was written in such an immature way I understand that it is supposed to be from the perspective of a teenager, but the teenager in this book is 18 and going away to college, and it sounds like it was written by a freshman in high school It was so bad that I considered not reading it because it made me angry but it was a pretty fast read so I decided to finish it I also did not like how it ended The book spans over about a year of Kim s life while she is dealing with an eating disorder At the end of the book she gets help and is ultimately on the path of recover, emotionally speaking, meaning that she has accepted that she has a problem and is ready to get well Well in my experience, it doens t happen that quickly Usually eating disorders last a lot longer than just a year, and people get help numerous times before they are

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