Rather .
All four stories made sex seem disgusting.
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Really gets into the mind of the characters.
To me the protagonists simultaneously manage to be both endearing and pathetic.
I think the titular story could have done with a sequel, left me pretty curious as to what would happen next.
Didn't like the stories.
The tone , settings, old fashioned.
Á Killing Lizards Î .

A somewhat strange little collection of short stories in this Penguin 60s edition.
I have only read one other William Boyd,and it too was short stories.
I just don't think he gels with my interest / appreciation.

The first story was by far the most enjoyable for mebut I have to say the cover is excellent, and probably pushes up a star from the stories.
For all the stories there was a strange, and unappealing theme of young men with some sort of sexual issues: The first was about a young boy with mommy issues, the second a child star who has trouble adjusting to adult life, the third a typical public schoolboy story about a boy who lies out his sexual experiences to his masturbating friends, and the final about a young man living in Nicemore masturbati This is a short story about a boy who likes to kill lizards.
Joffrey Baratheon enjoyed hurting animals, just sayin'.

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