I have a secret crush on Johan Egerkrans, ever since I heard him talk about this book at an event last spring Well, I ve liked him longer than that, his drawings are spectacular, but just listening to him getting all nerdy in the Eddas was envigorating.
UPDATE Ran out of time writing, so here s somereview of this actual book and not just random swooning I actually think Gaiman did a better job bringing the characters to life in Norse Mythology than Egerkrans I think Egerkrans staystrue to the original Eddas, and all the little snippets of original quotes, I just eat up with a spoon But the way Gaiman sorted the stories chronologically rather than after characters is just dramaturgically better I get that it s probably easier if you want to illustrate the different gods rather than the story, and the ill The stories are really accessible and interesting, and the illustrations are beautiful 1 star for the editing I don t know if it had something to do with the process of translating, but there were several typos in the book.
helt fantastisk illustrationerna visste jag ju skulle vara det men HUR sjuk och intressant r inte den nordiska mytologin nu vill ja veta nnu mer.

It is a collection of some of thewell known myths, but that isn t necessarily the selling point of the book The illustrations are the star in Norse Gods and they truly do justice to the hard edge of the gods they portray I have only read a couple of other books on the Norse myths, but this was one I happily picked up because of the new perspective and beautiful art it adds to the collection of works If you are a fan of Norse mythology, and want a book that is filled to the brim with breath taking images, then look no further.
I really enjoyed reading this Also really cool illustrations Nice Ô Nordiska gudar Ô I first saw this when I was helping out at a bookstore, and fell in love with the cover It was wrapped in plastic, so I couldn t look inside I asked for an advance reader copy, and I got one I have the norwegian translation there are only a few typos, not too bad.
The moment I got it and many moments after that I looked through and fell in love with the beautiful artwork It s very dark and spooky, so I was a little surprised this was marketed for children But I don t mind at all I m definitely gonna take some inspiration for my next tattoo of sg rdsreien and Fr ya The written content tells us about how the world was created, the nine worlds, gods, goddesses and all the other creatures in norse mythology And of course it tells us how the world is gonna end in ragnarok The back of the book has a list of other books to read on the subject, and a glossary.
It s a very short bo Avstamp I De Gamla Eddorna Har Johan Egerkrans Tolkat De Mest Sp Nnande Och Fantasifulla Sagorna Fr N Den Gruvliga Skapelseber Ttelsen D R Ur J Tten Ymer Styckas Av Oden Och Hans Br Der, Till Gudarnas Desm Ttade Underg Ng I Ragnar K Fr N Urtidens Kaos, Till V Rldstr Dets Nio Riken Med Alla Dess Fantastiska Och Ohyggliga Skapelser En M Rk, Blodig, Fantasieggande Och Stundtals Humoristisk Resa I Den Nordiska Mytologins V RldV Lk Nda Ber Ttelser Fr N Eddorna Som Sagorna Om Iduns [Johan Egerkrans] ↠´ Nordiska gudar [esoterica PDF] read Online º Pplen, Mimers Brunn Och Tors F Rd Till Utg Rd Paras Med Fakta Om De Varelser Som Befolkar Asg Rd, Jotunheim Och Underjorden Recension finns p bloggen Illustrationerna r helt sagolika.

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