An interesting diary style book with a fairly believable story of how a young person got involved with drugs and the occult Unsure of how real I personally think this is but, as with Go Ask Alice, it is written in a way that you could understand the concept that brought the involvement into Jays life.
I d wanted to read this since I first heard about it Go Ask Alice, now with SATANISM but it was awful Unlike GAA, this one has an actual kid s journal behind it but the real one had nothing about the occult in it Sparks took a much sadder, valuable story about depression and instead has the devil make him do it.
It doesn t even have the vague readability camp value of Go Ask Alice It s just sad Especially sad is that I m certain the editor author really believes in occult powers and evil demons, and I know the book is presented to poor Mormon kids as fact.
I think I ll just throw it away, unless one of you wants it.
Was A Sweet, Bright High School Student Who Cared About His Grades And His Friends He Had Ambitions He Was Happy And He Thought He Could Handle AnythingHe Was WrongWhen Jay Falls In With A Crowd That S Dabbling In Drugs And The Occult, He Finds Himself In Over His Head And Doing Things He Never Thought Possible Fascinated By The Dark Arts And In Love With A Dangerous Girl, Jay Falls Deeper And Deeper Into A Life He No Longer Recognizesand Sees No Way ✓ Jay's Journal Ì Download by â Beatrice Sparks Out Your enjoyment of this book depends on your tolerance for reading laughably bad Satanic Panic literature written by underqualified therapists who misrepresent their credentials and exploit real life dead children in order to make a quick buck My tolerance for that shit is zero.
Lemme just get one thing straight to some people out here The main chracter, Jay, WAS NOT ADDICTED TO DRUGS.
Sure he was a user during some moments of his life, but he was not addicted.
SO I am going to talk about some things that happened, o occures, or came up, or annoyed me from this book This is a lesson Not a review, but a lesson.
First thing to know Do NOT immatate the rituals done in this book If you do and you re human than you are just CRAZY Completely insane If you ever decide to do the rituals done in this book I say to you, Are you high Do you have problems with your head or were you just dropped on your head when you were a baby That is how insane these rituals are.
The fact that people have evn thought of doing the rituals in thefirst place is just insane They are nasty and dis Oh Beatrice, if only Go Ask Alice wasn t soooooo goooooood But your editing of Jay s Journal, quite frankly, SUCKED ASS Plus now I m scared that just by having read the book I am also a devil worshipper, and I can t turn out the lights because of the little trolls Jay kept whining about are coming to take my soul too I m a little lost lamb baaa.
µ Jay's Journal ä This one is hilariously bad An obvious work of fiction, Jay s Journal describes the downward spiral of a teenage drug addict Satanist who descends into madness finally kills himself Published in the late 70s, when an unfounded fear of Satanism was plaguing middle class Americans, the book played off these concerns became almost as successful as editor Mormon youth counselor Beatrice Sparks other diary, Go Ask Alice The real Jay, Alden Barrett had committed suicide, but there s no evidence that he had ties to occult groups, suggesting that Sparks wrote the entries dealing with Satanism herself Of course, anyone who knows anything about drugs teenagers will realize that most of the book was written by someone who doesn t.
I read this when I was in high school and remember being so engrossed in the story I could barely put it down It s a favorite with many of my students once they get past the initial girlfriend plot and into the second witchcraft one I feel as though I need to read it again to update my initial reaction Especially knowing that most of the story is fabricated.

There is a possibility and not a faint one that this is the stupidest book ever written To begin with, as with all Ms Sparks books, she did not edit the book unless there happened to be some central office in Pueblo, Colorado or somewhere, teaching all the teenagers of the day to write in precisely the same voice with precisely the same stylistic tics, she wrote it herself, as any seventh grader as I was when I read this book can glean from a three second comparison of this one to Go Ask Alice Second, the tone of this book is hysterical, and I don t mean that in the sense of funny I mean hysterical That s right, parents you d all better watch out or your kids will be taken from you by SATAN I mean, honestly As though the drug hysteria she spread in Go Ask Alice wasn t This book was based on the journals of Alden Barrett, a teenager who killed himself at 16 1 2 The following information is interesting than the book itself Two years later, his grieving parents contacted a psychologist in Provo, Dr Beatrice Sparks, editor of the allegedly real life journal Go Ask Alice, who told them she would edit and publish Alden s journal as a warning to other teenagers suffering from depression The book s publication in 1979, as Jay s Journal, shocked his family and their entire town, because of its depiction of Alden as someone who had gotten deeply involved in a bizarre occult Satanic group The identifying details had also not been changed enough, so people in the community easily figured out Jay s true identity It was later discovered that only 21 of the 212 journal entries were actually Alden s, and that the Satanic entries were from other teenagers

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