If Instead Of Being Weird, Shy, Geeky Or Introverted, Your Brain Is Wired Differently For Adults With Undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD , There Is Often An Aha Moment When You Realize That ASD Just Might Be The Explanation For Why You Ve Always Felt So Different I Think I Might Be Autistic A Guide To Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis And Self Discovery For Adults Begins From That Aha Moment, Addressing [Cynthia Kim] ç I Think I Might Be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults [journalism PDF] read Online à The Many Questions That Follow What Do The Symptoms Of ASD Look Like In Adults Is Getting A Diagnosis Worth It What Does An Assessment Consist Of And How Can You Prepare For It Cynthia Kim Shares The Information, Insights, Tips, Suggestions And Resources She Gathered As Part Of Her Own Journey From Aha To Finally Being Diagnosed With Asperger S Syndrome In Her Forties This Concise Guide Also Addresses Important Aspects Of Living With ASD As A Late Diagnosed Adult, Including Coping With The Emotional Impact Of Discovering That You Re Autistic And Deciding Who To Share Your Diagnosis With And How I found this short book to be an informative, accessible, and empowering resource in my journey of contemplating being an undiagnosed autistic adult and what to do In addition to educating, Kim breaks down the pros and cons of pursuing formal diagnosis vs self diagnosis I would recommend this to anyone on a similar path.
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This is an absolutely fantastic book for any adult who is either starting to realise they are on the Autism Spectrum or want to knowinformation about diagnostic pathways without a whole lot of psychobabble.
I have Aspergers which is on the Autism Spectrum, the author is on the Autism Spectrum too that s why this book is so good because it will speak to those who need this information How can someone who is not autistic write a book about what it s really like They can t, they miss key things.
The book is very easy to read and starts with the moments of self diagnosis and realisation, covers different feelings that come with that, has check lists of the criteria to meet an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis then tackles the question of why to get diagnosed Some do, some don t The book has excellent information in the diagnostic pathways in the USA for ad Excellent little book for those of us who ve come to suspect we re neurodiverse on the spectrum instead of neurotypical Defines autism spectrum disorders, describes the process of getting an official diagnosis and how that might not even be possible for everyone , and discusses how to properly self diagnose Highly recommended.

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