To Is An Instruction Manual For Taking Everyday Problems And Using Science And Creative Thinking To Turn Them Into Much Bigger And Exciting Problems It Teaches You How To Cross A River By Boiling It, Outlines Some Of The Many Uses For Lava Around The Home, And Walks You Through How To Use Experimental Military Research To Ensure That Your Friends Will Never Again Ask You To Help Them Move Trailer ç How To PDF by ↠´ Randall Munroe From Changing A Lightbulb To Throwing A Pool Party, It Describes Unusual Ways To Accomplish Common Tasks, And Analyzes What Would Happen To You If You Tried Them In Addition To Being A Profoundly Unhelpful Self Help Book, It S An Exercise In Applying Math, Science, And Research To Ordinary Problems, And A Tour Through Some Of The Strange And Fun Science Underlying The World Around Us For xkcd fans, or people who like math or science Plenty of equations that you can either read or skim over.
IM SCREAMING I NEED THIS NOW INJECT THE SPILLAGE OF YOUR NERD MIND DEEP INSIDE MY CRAVING BONES FILL ME WITH POINTLESS KNOWLEDGE J adore toujours beaucoup Randall Munroe derri re le webcomic xkcd , j ai donc t vraiment ravi de voir son dernier livre dans nos services de presse Ce guide s inscrit dans la tradition xkcdienne la plus pure jeu sur le language on prend tout les noncer litt ralement, des maths avec plusieurs formules expliqu es, de l humour, beaucoup beaucoup d humour, des explications scientifiques des th ories et plusieurs images pour illustrer le propos et ou ajouter un nouvel l ment comique Deux normes agr able surprises sont les entrevues avec l astronaute Chris Hadfield et Serena Williams pour tester certaines de ses propositions avec toujours des r sultats hilarants et fascinants J ai bien ris tout le long, mais il faut tre pr t e recevoir quand m me un bon nombre d explications scientifiques c est toutefois beaucoup plus accessible que son Ä How To È I loved this book I ve been a fan of Randall Munroe since his early years writing for xkcd and was so excited to get a chance to read his latest work It does not disappoint In fact, it went beyond what I was expecting with special guest appearances by Col Chris Hadfield and Serena Williams The title describes the book perfectly Did you ever wonder How To land a plane on a ski jump How about how much guyere cheese would be needed to make a sturdy above ground pool What about building a lava moat around your house This book answers all those questions and , taking everyday problems and solving them with out of the box thinking and science I recommend this book to any one who loves how wacky science can get as well as fans of books like WHAT IF, SOONISH, WE HAVE NO IDEA, and ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY read courtesy of an ARC from Riverhead Review to come 08 03 19.
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5 Stars Randall Munroe, author and artist of popular webcomic xkcd , brings us another wacky and super scientific longform book on How To ridiculously solve real world problems The book lives up to it s subtitle and really gives us the useless self help we weren t looking for but now know we need When webcomic artists convert their style to longform books some of the charm and humor can be lost Unfortunately for this specific work I found out that became the case,or less In between the super detailed scientific tomfoolery, the short comics did add some laughs and spark to the piece, but in general I found the book ran on too long and didn t need as much text explanation that was delivered by Munroe I find his best and funnie I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I ve been reading XKCD forever, and I enjoyed Munroe s previous two books If you are unfamiliar with his humor, go check out the webcomic If it doesn t make sense to you, you might want to avoid this book How To is very similar to What if in that you get ridiculous ways of solving problems He explains How To dig a hole, throw a pool party, determine when you were born and dispose of the book when you are done with it, among many other topics They all use real scientific principles to explain How To accomplish these tasks in ways you probably wouldn t consider I m a word person, not a science person, so sometimes the explanations made my eyes gloss over, but he does a good job trying to dumb it down enough for most of Many thanks to Brooke at Penguin Random House for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewGood but not as good as What If RTC AHHHHHHHH I HAVE IT BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER PSYCH I am gonna hold out to see if I can get a physical copy If I don t, I ll read my digital one I HAVE A DIGITAL GALLEY AND I AM F KING QUAKING A subtitle and a cover HYPERVENTILATES Another What if book Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit I loved this As a layman s science nerd, this book was absolutely delightful As someone who follows threads of thought far past logical extremes into absurdity, this book Spoke to me And also I learned stuff Some of the entries take a long, winding path to answer the question presented, but I found these trails to be interesting and fun to read The comics interspersed throughout the entries sometimes helped to clarify the absurdity, and sometimes were just fun little asides.
This is reallyhigh school level and above the MATH involved here, most of which I admittedly glazed over , but I can think of a few of my middle schoolers who will enjoy this as much as I did.
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