Briefly interesting when it explores sexual identities and experiences of gays, kotis and hijras in India But then there were a couple of unnecessary, underdeveloped, and unbelievable plot twists that left me dumbfounded and questioning the purpose these included the spy with chemical weapons , and the Bollywood ending.
In parts this was ok, but overall not a great book Appalling rape scene and dubious use of idioms Not much to recommend it, unless I have missed something.
ê Hostel Room 131 Ø I read R Raj Rao s first book, The Boyfriend a few years ago and thought it was excellent I put his later book Hostel Room 131 on mywishlist and did nothing about it for a long time before buying a second hand ex library copy a few weeks ago I wonder how many unsuspecting readers got a bit of a shock when they picked up this one Hostel Room 131 is a love story about Siddharth, a young Mumbai based teacher, and Sudhir, a student who rooms with Siddharth s friend at an engineering college in Pune The two meet by chance and fall in love, breaking lots of the rules of the college and the hostel where Sudhir lives The book opens not at the beginning nor the end of their story together, but somewhere in the middle Siddharth has just reported Sudhir s parents to the police for kidnapping or locking up his boyfriend And then we head ba The Winter Of , Siddharth, Twenty Three, Meets Sudhir, Twenty, In A Friend S Friend S Room In Pune S Engineering College Hostel He Falls Instantly In Love A Man Of Unconventional Views He Believes, For Instance, That The Two Heroes In Sholay Have The Hots For Each Other Rather Than For The Heroines Siddharth Becomes A Full Time Lover Over The Next Seven Years And Stubbornly Pursues The Object Of His Lust And Affection, Despite His Job As A College [R.
Raj Rao] ï Hostel Room 131 [read-for-school PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ Lecturer In Bombay There Are Many Obstacles Along The Way, Including Sudhir S Family, Against Whom Siddharth Files A Police Complaint, And Sudhir S Classmates From Belgaum, Led By The Homophobic Ravi Humbe, Who Start An Anti Siddharth Association But Siddharth Gets Support From Gaurav And Vivek, A Militant Gay Pair Keen To Ambush The Enemy Deadpan Humour And Farce Come Together In This Entertaining Love Story

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