Half way thru and I knew I couldn t go on What a long winded, boring novel that was going absolutely nowhere.
Just was not my type of story I could not get into it.
DisappointingI developed such a dislike for Mike s pining after his ex, Bethany, I was unable to reconcile my feelings when he finally saw that Corinne was right in front of himloving him I was a bit disappointed in her also for being so quick to accept him I m happy for them but felt it was a little too much too late Also, a little disappointed in the lack of steam I thought perhaps it was a PG book since it had been in my library for quite a while before I read it and I couldn t remember the synopsis However, the last chapter was definitely R rated so I wish there had been a littlethroughout the book It was difficult to read but now that I finished it, I m glad I did I really don t like not finishing books I own My rating is not for me but maybe for you.
According to the book cover and the annotation, I thought it would besteamy It s not a bad thing, though, because instead of hot scenes, the reader getspsychological view of relationship I especially like how the interactions between Corinne and Mike were gettingandheater and how Corinne was trying to stop loving Mike The author did a great job The end was a little bit too obvious and personally I didn t like the design of the book very much e.
g all in the same font reserved rights, the name of chapters, plain text.
, but in my opinion Healing the Hunter is definitely worth reading I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads It had a decent but redundant story, I guess it could have been worse The sex, it wasn t hot at all.
Healing the Hunter ☆ ordinary Human doctor meets and helps an injured Human paladin with issues and a teenage daughter.
Started Her Career As A Doctor Hours Away From Home To Avoid Emotional Attachments, But Her Plan To Be All Work No Play Goes Right Out The Window When She Rescues Bruised And Beaten Michael Atherton One January Night And Discovers Patching Him Up Requires Patience And Sacrifice He S Damaged In Ways Than One Carrying Out Her Oath To Heal And Do No Harm Becomes Complicated When She S Drawn Into His Unusual Life Of Demon Hunters, Vampires, Witches, And A Teenage Daughter If Download Epub Format  Healing the Hunter PDF by à K.
Taylor I Love Him, I Have To Let Him GoMike Is Good At Two Things Killing Monsters And Making His Ex Scream The Graveyard Shift Is A Lonely Life And No One Believes In Him Until He Meets Dr Corinne Larkin She S Beautiful, Kind, Shares His Taste In Movies, And Soon Becomes His Best Friend If I Tell Her The Truth About The World, She Ll Think I M CrazyThere S Risk And Pain, But The Reward Will Be Sweet If Corinne Can Master The Art Of Healing This HeroParanormal Romance With Adult Content

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