This is quite possibly the most important book I have ever read Consider it the official Handbook on Happiness Part science and part philosophy, it essentially defines happiness itself, then proceeds to explain in detail how we can attain it every waking moment of our lives hypothetically at least Although far from a light read, I found the intense mental concentration the book demanded to be almost physically pleasurable yes, I am in fact the very definition of a nerd When I closed the book, I immediately begged my dad for his extra copy just so I could go back through and underline the passages I will need to revisit from now until the day I die If you are unhappy, anxious, or generally dissatisfied with the direction of your life, follow this pattern Flow is the state in which you are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter the concentration is so intense that there is no attention left to think about anything else, or to worry about any problem Full summary of Flow the psychology of optimal experienceI consider myself an obsessive maniac when it comes to productivity On the pursuit of ways and tools to optimize it, I stumbled on this marvelous book Flow the psychology of optimal experience , and autotelic personality This concept of flow, or to put itprecisely, this framework, ended up being something farthan just a productivity tool It bestowed me with a framework for both a productive and happy life A framework that if you tap into, robs you of all the anxiety and boredom and fills the void with pleasure, joy, and growth When it comes to flow, the ultima You know that uncle you have, who doesn t have any kids and loves to talk your ear off every Thanksgiving, and he s a really nice guy, and he seems to know a lot of stuff, but when you look up the stuff he quotes he seems to always have it a bit off, and he never seems to have a book with him so maybe he did all his reading when he was young, but there s no point calling bullshit on him, and you get a sense he s not really listening anyway well, this book is written by that guy This could have been an excellent 10 000 words, but I m now 3 chapters in without any idea of what his plan is and how he can tell one chapter or sub chapter from the next.
I get what Flow is and it s great and I m all in But this is diarrhea.
While humankind collectively has increased its material powers a thousandfold, it has not advanced very far in terms of improving the content of experience Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, FlowI found this book very intriguing It made me think a lot, especially on what it means to be happy and satisfied This is not a self help manual and the reason I picked it up despite it s self helpy title and cover is because I had read some of Csikszentmihalyi s stuff in my developmental psychology course and found him very insightful I was definitely not disappointed The author defines Flow as the process of achieving happiness through control over our inner life It s funny because I was talking to someone who was pro cosmetic surgery and they were surprised that I was so against it barring for reconstructive use My argument was people do it because they believe they will Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi S Famous Investigations Of Optimal Experience Have Revealed That What Makes An Experience Genuinely Satisfying Is A State Of Consciousness Called Flow During Flow, People Typically Experience Deep Enjoyment, Creativity, And A Total Involvement With Life In This New Edition Of His Groundbreaking Classic Work, Csikszentmihalyi Demonstrates The Ways This Positive State Can Be Controlled, Not Just Left To Chance Flow The Psychology Of Optimal Experience Teaches How, By Ordering The Information That Enters Our Consciousness, We Can Discover True Happiness And Greatly Improve The Quality ✓ Flow ß Download by ☆ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Of Our Lives

How must you live your life Live it in happiness But how to be happy When I was a small boy I would often be missing my father for two straight days only to find out that he had been playing mahjong with friends nonstop for 48 or so hours, not getting tired, or sleepy or even hungry despite the lack of proper meals The game is played by a group of four, and when my mother would send me to check my father out from wherever part of the neighbourhood they ve set up their mahjong table to play, I d see them still going at it seemingly still with full energy and attention, as if they have just begun their sessions I never learned to play mahjong But I got into my father s second favourite game chess I ve experienced playing chess games starting Saturday noontime and stopping only at noontime of the next day, Sunday Never feeling any discomfort, tiredness or the lack of sl I have meant to read this book for years, but then, there are lots of books I ve meant to read for years and the longer I seem to have meant to read a book, it seems the less likely I am to actually get around to reading it a case in point is G del, Escher, Bach An Eternal Golden Braid The inspiration to finally read Flow came from my current interest in the gamification of work, where other books I ve read around that topic keep mentioning it.
This book is consciously a kind of footnote to Aristotle s Nicomachean Ethics In that book, Aristotle says that the point of life is to be happy or rather to achieve eudaimonia, which I guess means to be good souled To achieve this state involves, in part anyway, achieving Arete developing your own personal Ý Flow Ý Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi created the notion of Flow to describe the experience which we have all had but all too rarely for most of us of becoming so immersed in and challenged by an experience that we lose track of time, our own self concsciousness and feel most fully engaged in life Interestingly, he found, this has little to do with people s most enjoyable leisure activities Folks love to watch TV and movies, eat dinner with friends and so forth, but rarely does that achieve a state of Flow Doing work or an avocation we love, or for some of us, reading a really good book creates flow, where the experience is just challenging enough that it pulls us beyond our usual limits.
Given the attention this book has received I had some pretty lofty expectations Sadly, those expectations weren t met Part of the problem is that Flow is widely cited by the current crop of pop pscyhology books For that reason I felt like I got the idea of Flow long before I even cracked C s book My heard it all before feeling wasn t helped by the redundancy that C builds into his text Authors and editors take note, one really good example or analogy is usually enough to illustrate a concept Two might be helpful, but anythan that and you ve reached the point of diminishing returns.
Another issue I had with the book was the way research was presented C insists early in the book that he s not writing an academic work For that reason he explains that research won t be cited in the usual way The idea is that he ll spare lay readers the boredom th Csikszentmihalyi s seminal work in the field of positive psychology reveals a man with a ridiculously hard to spell last name I can t be the first person to posit this as the reason why he became so interested in how people overcome mental chaos psychic entropy as it is called in the book to achieve harmony and, I almost typed satisfaction but that would be missing the point Csikszentmihalyi hereafter referred to as Mr C actually prescribes against a state of perpetual satisfaction because in order for humans to experience the full measure of life they must find the balance between external challenges and their own skill sets In pursuing challenges that match your skill set you will continually add to your skill set and thu

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