I have a tiny balcony and have been trying container gardening for several years with some hits, some misses along the way When I saw this book on NetGalley I jumped at it.
This book was filled with gorgeous photos and step by step instructions It offered many interesting tips, and handy ideas for things like self watering pots as well as upcycling things like plastic soda bottles and milk crates into containers.
I m intrigued by the vertical gardening idea and may try that next year I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book given to me by the publisher, via NetGalley.
I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I doIn Field Guide to Urban Gardening, author Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening shares the basics of growing plants, offers tips on how to choose the right urban gardening method, and troubleshoots the most common problems you ll encounter.
If you think it s impossible to grow your own food because you don t have a large yard or you live in the city think again There are a plethora of urban gardening options to create beautiful, productive edible gardens no matter where you live The key to succeeding as an urban gardener is to choose the method s that make sense for your unique living situation and then give your plant Field Guide To Urban Gardening, Author Kevin Espiritu Of Epic Gardening Shares The Basics Of Growing Plants, Offers Tips On How To Choose The Right Urban Gardening Method, And Troubleshoots The Most Common Problems You Ll Encounter If You Think It S Impossible To Grow Your Own Food Because You Don T Have A Large Yard Or You Live In The City Think Again There Is A Plethora Of Urban ☆ read Field Guide to Urban Gardening by Kevin Espiritu ↠´ Gardening Options To Create Beautiful, Productive Edible Gardens No Matter Where You Live The Key To Succeeding As An Urban Gardener Is To Choose The Method S That Make Sense For Your Unique Living Situation And Then Give Your Plants What They Need To Thrive Kevin Helps You Do Just That But He Doesn T Stop There He Also Provides In Depth Garden Plans, From Upcycled DIY Projects And Intensive Hydroponic Systems To Beautiful And Functional Raised Beds Urban Gardening Is A Real, Growing, And Important Movement In Today S World This Fact Packed Book Is Your Roadmap To Get Growing Today Urban Gardening Techniques Featured Include Container GardeningRaised BedsIndoor EdiblesBalconies And RooftopsHydroponics originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader The Field Guide to Urban Gardening is a new gardening and tutorial guide to maximizing yields and utilizing every space to produce food, flowers and greenery with diverse techniques like hydroponics, vertical gardens, balconies, rooftops, and indoors Due out 14th May 2019 from Quarto on their Cool Springs imprint, it s 224 pages and will be available in paperback format.
In times of increasing food insecurity and distrust boredom with the incredibly limited selections available to most people who live in urban areas, coupled with the psychological and health benefits of being in contact with growing plants and havingcontrol over our food as well as the sense of accomplishment that comes from beingself sufficient, it s easy to see whypeople are making a conscious choice to garden People in urban areas facechallenges finding space to grow any I loved this book so much It seems to me to be the first book that Kevin Espiritu has ever written Reads like a seasoned Author who has written many books in their lifetime Now to talk about the book Great pictures to go with Detailed explanations on all things Urban Gardening I don t live in an Urban Environment, but getting to read and see how other people in the world garden was such an eye opening experience If you want a Garden and you live in any kind of environment from apartments to a large farm I honestly believe this is a perfect book for you Even if you don t want to have your own Garden, but would love to just knowon the subject get this guild This book covers everything from seed starting, composting, to how to plant your plants and how to best use the location you have A one time read is not enough, I will be reading this on and off for years So mu As someone who loves gardening but doesn t have a whole lot of usable gardening room, I was pretty excited to start digging into Field Guide to Urban Gardening How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live Raised Beds Vertical Gardening Indoor Edibles Balconies and Rooftops Hydroponics From the moment you open the book and started skimming, I have to admit I was blown away It is rare you see a garden book that is filled with gorgeous, usable, step by step pictures on just about everything involving gardening This may very well be the most down to Earth gardening book, going over building your own raised boxed garden to taking advantage of every little space you have inside and out They even go through things to help save you money While the entire book is beautiful and detaile Ä Field Guide to Urban Gardening Ï This book is great I have been wanting to make an herb gardenand this has so much information about itfrom to the soil to the different options of gardening It s great that it defines what gardening without soil is hydroponics and aeroponics and how do to it simply Those two sound daunting to a newbie at gardening.
And the pictures are so nice and pretty and detailed like the soil so you can have an idea on how it will look It is well written, with lots of information, not quite organic but that s ok And it has a nice layout that makes it easy to read I think I want the actual book though instead of the ebook I want to jump in right away.
Thank you NetGalley and publisher for a copy of this book No matter how small your space is you can always find ways to have an urban garden I have resided beds and containers so I had to see if this book could help me advanceinto smaller spaces since my husband always complains about mowing around my gardens LOLThis book is very detailed and will help you get into the new age of urban gardening, it s so much better to know where your food is coming from and gardening in any form can help relieve stress You get great images along with detailed information that will walk you through step by step and if you look up the author he also has a website with tons of information that will help you.
I highly recommend this to anyone that is new or advance gardening.

I LOVED everything about this book Beautiful photographs, written simply, gives enough informations and visual support for anyone to feel prepared to venture into the world of gardening I have been gardening since I was a kid, yet, it was something that was passed down from generation to generation without much science to it This book gives me enough science to boost my gardening skills by a lot without feeling overwhelmed I will still very likely not immediately jump into hydroponics, but I am glad to know it is a possibility I appreciate the review of a variety of containers commonly used for gardening what is safe vs what should be avoided I would highly recommend this book Unfortunately, my balcony can t have rail pots or hanging ones, but it is inspirational still to see the wide variety of options Might look into a few for the library, especially the sub irrigated bottle garden.

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