Hamilton Movie Star That S What The World Knows About Me Oscar Winner, Prominent Bloodline, Playboy But There Is So Much To Me My Friends Are My Real Family, And They Are What Matters Most But I D Be Lying If I Said That I M Not Concerned About My Reputation Everyone Who Lives In The Spotlight Is Listen, I Can Play Any Role Drama, Comedy, Romance You Name It I Can Act My Ass Off, And I Have The Proof On A Shelf Trailer Ó Crossing the Line (A Taboo Love, #3) PDF by ✓ M.
Saperstein In My Office But When My Agent Calls Me Into His Office To Offer Me The Role Of A Lifetime, I Am Hesitant Not Only Would I Have To Act Opposite Chance Steele, The Most Egotistical Schmuck I Know, But We Would Also Have To Pretend To Be Intimate Really Intimate As In Gay Lovers Now, Don T Get Me Wrong I Am As Open Minded As They Come People Can Love Whom They Want, Screw Whom They Want, Even Marry Whom They Want But When You Ask Me To Make Out With A Dude, Pretend To Roll Around In A Bed With Him, Well, That S Where I Draw The Line Maybe Sometimes Lines Are Blurry And Sometimes Lines Are Just Meant To Be Crossed Crossing The Line Is Book Of The Taboo Love Series And Picks Up Where Unmasking Charlotte Left Off As WithHey There, Delilah And Unmasking Charlotte, It Is A Standalone So Don T Worry If You Haven T read Them Yet With A HEA That Means No Cliffhanger Oh, And Expect To See Some Of Your Favorite Characters Contains Graphic M M Scenes Not Intended For Readers Under Me when I started this book After a few hours of reading When the a hole I loved till then screwed up In the end All in all, a great book if you can ignore the unrealistic premise of how those two started making out and if you re a fun of the specific writing style, which is in first person with changing POVs Me It s obvious, I loved it IMHO, the perfect mix of humor, emotion and drama Was it perfect Not at all, but it made me feel so happy reading it, that I couldn t care less What I d have added details about the film scenes they were shooting and some everyday scenes between them, watching the TV, cooking dinner, relaxing over a cup of coffee And ok, that epilogue could only fit seamlessly in a Disney fairytale, but again, who cares In my keeper shelf it goes D4 7 2016 UpdateOn a re read, it stands as well as the first time even kept me up at night because Dang it Re read 10.
2018 It was far from as cute this time around as it was the first time I barely got through it I didn t like the main character Parker He was too annoying and frankly, he didn t deserve Chance Overall, I regret the re read, but I couldn t find anything else interesting to read, so I just ended up with this one Now what New Rating 2.
5 2 starsDon t fuck with me, Hamilton I m not doing this with you again I m not living in hiding I want to be with a man who wants to be with me Everywhere Not just behind closed doorsThe Main Characters Parker Hamilton, Oscar winner, prominent bloodline and playboy Refuses to believe he can be with a man Also, worry too much about what people would think about him.
Chance Ste 5 STARS THE BEST OF THE SERIES Crossing the Line is the third book in the A Taboo Love series It follows and This installment is Nick and Cal s friend Parker s story Parker, like Cal and Nick, was raised up to be a lawyer, but like Cal, Parker s career took a turn into something very different Much to the chagrin of his elite and wealthy and rotten to the core family, Parker became an in demand, famous film star Parker s got a shot at a career changing and challenging role playing an uptight FBI agent who s out to catch a serial arsonist Along the way and amidst the action, Parker s character and his partner fall in love Parker has two hang ups with this role of a lifetime His partner is a man And his man partner is Chance Steele Parker doesn t relish the thought of having love scenes with a guy, and he certainly would rather it was with any o BR with Elsbeth.
5 starsIt looks like authors of mostly M F books that decide to write a M M book in the middle of a M F series all stick to the same formula Lot of women And I m sad to say they are the kind of women that made me stop reading M F romance There is a detailed sex scene between one of the MCs with a woman to prove his masculinity One or both of the MCs consider being gay as a bad thing.
I wasn t too sure about this book when I started because of all the points I just mentioned It s so obviously a M M book in the middle of a M F series But somewhere along the way I did start to like it.
These guys were pretty sweet together once Parker got over his issues.
I have to say I was expecting of the whole famous actors thing These guys spend most of their time together when they re not working None of the so called hot scenes they were filming was on page ABSOLUTELY THE BEST Wow, I cannot express what an AMAZING read this is Hell ALL of the series are spectacular.
But why this one I hear you ask.
Okay, you wanted to knowOMG Parker and Chance I wanna get my paws on them both This story is filled with humor, passion and praise the lord a HEA I devoured books 1 2, and if I am being honest at the end when there was a snippet provided about Parker s book I felt my eyeballs popping out at the suggestion of a M M love story Very interesting I have read and loved lots of M M books, but secretly I had wanted Parker to end up with some girlie with green eye s and brown hair Why so specific Donna coughs at image of herself with Parker 0 Anyhow, trusting in MD I had that baby on pre order as soon as it was available Well she did not disappoint Parker was hilarious His initial struggle with his attraction to Chance was s Ó Crossing the Line (A Taboo Love, #3) Ç 2.
5 Stars Forget Laurel and Hardy Forget Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Forget Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Here come Parker Hamilton and Chance Steele Parker and Chance are Hollywood stars which are casted together quite often due to their chemistry on screen Behind the scenes they don t come along very wellThis GFY starts with Parker getting the script for a new movie Together with Chance he should play a mismatched couple of FBI agents who are hunting a serial killer and become lovers along the way Sounds familiar Even if Parker doesn t feel comfortable by making out with a guy he accepts this role of a lifetime Chance is much openminded about it but keeps on pushing Parker s bottons.
In this book you don t get crazy ex s, stalkers, lifethreats 4 StarsI m such a sucker for a good M M romance story and this one did not disappoint I practically bounced off my couch in a fit of uncontained joy upon discovering during an intense Goodreads stalking session that this third story, in what was until this point solely an M F series, would not only focus on Parker s character, but would see him paired with another dude to which I squealed a big and hearty HELLS YES Thankfully, Parker lived up to all my expectations as a lead character, but for me it is Chance who stole the spotlight during this story How adorable is this guy Yep, he s a smokin hot Hollywood star, but he is also a really decent guy who knows who he is and goes after what he wants hurray for character self realisation He also had a pretty compelling backstory and I m onl Surprisingly goodIgnoring the highly unlikely element in the epilogue which had me almost choking with laughter, I enjoyed this than I thought I would.
I d not read either of these authors before and I hadn t read the two previous books in the series but I don t think it mattered that much.
There was enough explanation for me to follow with who was who and how they fit together I love a Hollywood setting, especially with actors who fall in love and realise they re not as straight as they originally believed.
I m not sure it worked 100% in this one, Chance perhaps than Parker was believable, but given his teenage experience I d have expected a bit angsting even from him.
Parker never really owned it until he was forced to but he did go somewhat to redeeming himself in the situation aside epilogue.
I m not a fan of the gay for you trope, to

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