Would Happen If Your Regular, Ordinary, Safe, Everyday Existence Suddenly Became Not Any Of Those Things When Samantha Markson, Ordinary Person, Is Thrust Into The Life Of Abigail Taylor, Not At All Ordinary Person, It Proves To Be An Experience Like She S Never Had Before World Famous Actress Abigail Taylor Is In Melbourne Filming Her New Movie, And Is Accompanied By Her Nine Year Old Daughter, Grace, Because Abigail Wants Her To Experience An Australian Education For Three Months Sam Markson Is A Teacher At [K.
J .
] ✓ Coming Home [category-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ One Of The Best Schools In Melbourne, And Is Perfectly Happy Doing That, Thank You Very Much, When She S Suddenly Redirected From The Classroom Into The Job As Grace S Teacher A Move So Fast That Even Blinking Would Feel Like Slow Motion Sam Has Never Met Anyone Like Abigail Taylor, And She Starts To Realise That Her Ordinary Life Might Actually Be Missing Something Extraordinary, Words Oh you should really read this one I have not read any of K.
J s other books but I likely need to check them out This one falls under the Celebrity romance and I just love them This book made me happy then sad then happy again I can give this one a strong 4.
25 stars.
This a very very sweet story If you re not into overwhelming chemistry and nice people being happy, Coming Home is probably not for you, but you ll be missing out.
Sam a total sweetheart is a Year 4 teacher in a private school in Melbourne, Australia At the start of the new year, she s volunteered by the school director to tutor famous Hollywood actress Abigail Taylor s daughter Grace while the star is in town for a movie Sam is a huge Taylor fan, and pretty soon, both Grace and Abigail Abby in return become huge Sam fans That s what being a total sweetheart gets you.
Something is obviously happening from the beginning between Sam and Abby I wouldn t say it s love at first sight, but there s definitely interest As much as I loved the relationship between Sam and Grace and even though I know the way to a mother s heart is through her kids, I wish there had been Sam Abby inter

This is my first read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised This is such a wonderfully feel good fluffy romantic and incredibly sweet book Sam the MC was a sweetheart From the first page of the book I had the biggest smile on my face I laughed a lot, smiled a lot, and was very sad at a certain point In my humble opinion, if a book manages to make you have all those feelings then no need to focus on the other minor details that could potentially bother you is it a bit cheesy Yes Is it a bit predictable Yes Do I care NO So I totally recommend this one if you need a fluffy read that would just make you feel so damn good 4.
5 rounded up to 5.
Really solidly written and very entertaining book with great characterization but could have benefited from stronger editing and better ebook formatting Will definitely keep an eye on KJ s new offerings in future and read her backlist.
25 starsSeptember 6, 2019

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