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I used to believe that writing short stories was easier than writing a novel, mainly because of its length.
I mean, short stories are just short.
You don't need to put in so many characters, you don't need to have complex plot lines, or chapters.
But as I wrote, I realized that a short story is equally hard.
In a novel, I can afford to ramble, I can afford to insert as many characters as I want, put in all kinds of random devices just to make something happen in the story.
In a short story, I am limited because it's supposed to be short, and a short story has to pack as much punch as a novel.
Somehow, the c This book was easy to relate to because was made by a Filipino author about Patriciang Payatot growing up through a woman's perspective.
Some stories may be pure fictional but it was close to reality that made me think that the stories were true.
I like how I can relate to the paper dolls and wanting to have friends and others.
It was a good read, I was not bored and this was the first book I finished reading inside a store which was Powerbooks:)

It's not really a novel but sort of a collection of short stories revolving a central character.
It has no sequence and does not have a complete set of story elements.
There's no resolution at the end that makes it quite BITIN.
But I did like the stories of Patricia.
I really loved "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" story.
Overall, the all the stories felt very real as if it really did happen.
I can FEEL each story as if all of them happened to me.
Patricia is just so "relatable" and lovable.
What is unique about this anthology is that the short stories are cohesive and blends well with each other (like a novel) to form a complete character of Patriciang Payatot, the kid heroine narrating her anecdotes from Grade 2 to senior high school.
I instantly liked Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo's simple writing style, thru the quiet voice of a mature girl narrating with an honest childlike recollection.

It is easy for me to identify myself with the introverted Patriciang Payatot.
Her anecdotes were mostly about growing up (in the early '60s in Manila) in a middleclass family and attending a Catholic school run by nuns.
The first stories were about the awkward stage of being a wallflower in elementary, of wanting to be accepted by the cool kids, the feeling of disappointment on your first infatuations, and the forming of friendships/stratification among the girls I read this during my college years while waiting for my next class.
This book was my escape from Plato, Thucydides, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche and so on.
I vaguely remember any of my class lectures, but I do remember how good this book was.
It relieved me off my stress.
I feel a strong sense of melancholy partly because it makes me think of how easy it was back when I was still a kid and also because I see myself in Patricia in so many ways.

I read this in fourth grade, I loved it.
especially the story about the magic glasses and piko.
Reading it again makes me remember my grade school days.
Ë Catch a Falling Star Ç Awww, this book is so good, I am happy I turned out to love it.
I was terribly afraid that I might not like this because the previous book I read and finished (Kids These Days), I didn't like at all, and the other book I started but not yet finished (Salingkit), I also didn't like (which was why I put it down for a while).
So, thank God I liked this one.

I think the primary thing that I loved about this is the use of nostalgic tone.
Usually, when a book employs a nostalgic tone, it becomes too melodramatic, and it kind of spoils the enjoyment.
But this book uses just a considerable amount of nostalgia without being too overwhelming.
It's also interesting that even though this follows the same main character all throughout — and it follows her life sta I first read "The Woman in the Applegreen Dress" when I was in college, which was years ago, but I still can't forget how that story made me feel.
It's like I was there in the reception with the characters in the story, and I was haunted by what I read.
Now, reading it after "How I Spent My Summer Vacation," the story becomes even more haunting.
I know that the only connection between the two stories is Patricia, but the progression from one story to another is so natural.
It's as if Tristan's feelings in "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" took a human form and became the eponymous woman in the applegreen dress.
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It is hard to put the book down.
I think the only reason why it took me a long time to finish was because I had a whole lot of errands to finish during the last few weeks of summer and I had no choice but to stop reading for a while.

Beautiful book with beautiful insights on how our grandmothers lived during their time.

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