I think Con and Cobryn secretly love each other They can deny it but they just can t hide it Amazing POV Gotta say, I didn t miss Alain Although I do like Alain, I minterested in Cobryn and Condor Sorry, but he ll always be Condor to me I can t wait for book 2, to see what happens next with these two.
Quentinwell Quentin is always interesting Somehow, I get the feeling that I ll be begging and pleading for a book 3 after I finish the next one Luckily, I read yesterday that is in progress of being writtenso YAY Prequel To Chronic Carnalli Complex Told From Cobryn S PoVNote Previous Stories List Con S Name As Condor , But I Ve Decided To Change It To Connor I M Hoping To Get The Changes Made Eventually In The Other Stories, But Sorry For The Confusion In The Meantime [Passhenette1] ¶ Carnalli Crisis (Carnalli Brothers, #1.
5) [muscovy PDF] read Online Ä WordsComplete I think I liked thisthan the first one It feltfocused and was easier to follow with only Con, Cobryn and Quentin in the majority of the story The plot thickens with Con and Cobryn s relationship, and Quentin continues to be one sick bastard.
Overall story is a 3 but the extra star for it being Con and Cobryn Usually very kick ass, quietly dangerous, mafia type MCs give me the warm fuzzies and make me cheer for them, but Quentin scares me so bad I keep him at arms length I just can t get a read on him There always seems to be a lesson for the brothers in everything he does, and some kind of method to his madness, but the madness is maniacal Hopefully, things become a bit clearer in Part 3.
É Carnalli Crisis (Carnalli Brothers, #1.
ò Very enjoyable Series rating Wow Just wow That was amazing Con and Cobryn were my favourites in the first book already, and I was a little disappointed because they were not too much appearence in the second one But this story I m totally, totally in love with them And Cobryn s POV Yayyy I like his hot temper and I really like the way Con treats him and makes sacrificies for him Please give usof these two in the new installment D

My God Quentin is as scary as hell, but I can t get enough What about that scene at the end Straight on to Chronic Carnalli Complex 2 now, great This was a fairly short story But it packs a punch that I loved Cobryn is hilarious He said some of the funniest sarcastic jokes to piss off Quentin that cracked me up oftenDo something nice for me, and I might feel charitable enough to give youBut you haven t earned a glass yet I scowled Fuck you then I d rather baby bird eat from a dead monkey s ass firstQuentin is still a rude hard ass as usual But in some twisted way I think he cares for his brothers at heart deep down underneath it all He just has extremely beyond sadistic crappy ways of showing it I am going to miss these naughty fun Carnalli brothers I have such a book hangover trying to get over them I hope the author writes a continue giving us a book 3 soon please ASAP

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