I must admit that I am attracted to black holes if not by their immense gravitational power then by the mysticism that surrounds their existence and functioning These powerful, enormous cosmic entities, these mysterious objects have so much happening within and around them that even a thousand theoretical papers are not enough to capture the nuances of their existence And this beautiful little book with Hawking s lectures on black holes with some added comments by the journalist does provide some dew drops of knowledge to the reader Simplistic language and to the point narration makes it a short impactful read The illustrations in there are funny, but I was interested in the text A couple of mind blowing concepts in there such as alternate histories are something I would want to readabout.
My reaction after reading this book A very brief history of black holes precisely All the information and work sparsely depicted in the book for his research in black holes like super translations, quantum gravity theory are explainedclearly and profound enough in his books The Grand Design and The Universe in a Nutshell Just a recent lecture of the physicist who presented this publicly at Stockholm s Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics last August 2015.
The tone of the book is wayopinionated than providing ample coherent information about Black holes For instance,The conclusion My message here, then, is that black holes aren t as black as they are painted They are not the eternal prisons once envisaged Things can get out of a black hole, both in this universe and possibly to another So, if you feel you are in a black hole, don t give up there is a way outbut the issue is its Is Said That Fact Is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction, And Nowhere Is That True Than In The Case Of Black Holes Black Holes Are Stranger Than Anything Dreamed Up By Science Fiction Writers InProfessor Stephen Hawking Delivered The BBC Reith Lectures On A Subject That Fascinated Him For Decades Black HolesIn These Flagship Lectures The Legendary Physicist Argued That If We Could Only Understand Black Holes And How They Challenge The [ Pdf Black Holes: The BBC Reith Lectures ✓ role-playing-games PDF ] by Stephen Hawking ç Very Nature Of Space And Time, We Could Unlock The Secrets Of The Universe This is the transcript of the two 2016 Reith Lectures, that Stephen Hawking delivered on the topic of Black Holes The illustration and comments are very helpful and they give the reader a wider understanding about this topic.
The book is short, but intense Full of information about Black Holes, their history and various theories and hypothesis about their formation, characteristics, and purpose Interesting read for anyone interested in Science, Physics, the Universe or just want to be a cool geek.
Black Holes: The BBC Reith Lectures È Loved it.
Black Hole has always been my favorite topic of discussion and to study about since my childhood This is the reason why I became fan of Stephan Hawking His theories on Black Hole were always fascinating and logical to getunderstanding of it However, view spoiler I never thought that Einstein was ever so close to the concept of Black hole He seemed to be just stepped in and made his way out to give the topic his touch but nothing else, hide spoiler A great beginner s guide to Black Holes The illustrations were very useful as well as David Shukman s notes between the lines While reading these two lectures, I was pausing at some points to watch a few scenes of the movie Interstellar in which the scientist characters explain several informations about Black Holes and the universe s dimensions in order to get a clearer understanding However, I was surprised by his mentioning the movie Next Stephen Hawking read A Brief History of Time.
Super interesting and made me want to readof Hawkings work So, if you feel you are in a black hole, don t give up there is a way out, both in this universe and possibly to another.
A short and insightful read.

this is wonderful as an introduction to hawking s work, or as a reminder for people who read a brief history of time a while ago and would like to be reminded of the basic concepts wouldn t recommend it for students of physics just go straight for brief history but excellent for the layperson if you don t know much about hawking s work or quantum physics astrophysics in general i d definitely say read this before anything else.
Got me interested in Black Holes now

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