Lucia Rios Annie s Baby is a really interesting book Annie s Baby is a book of Annie s diary entries She writes about her struggles of growing up as a teenager She s starts out like any other teenager She has friends and does a decent job in school She also tries to meet new boys But her life at home isn t too good Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mom She finds security while writing her feelings in her diary Her diary is like her best friend She makes friends with this boy named Danny that eventually turned into her boyfriend One day she finds out that she is pregnant with his baby while only being 14 years old and Danny being 16 Annie was a victim of an abusive relationship Her boyfriend practically forced her to have sex with him She doesn t want to tell her boyfriend she s pregnant because she is scared This book was a very sad and a very realistic book Again, this girl is a girl who is a real person and goes through a lot in her lifetime This book is about a 14 year old girl She had a lot of friends, she was pretty, and she was really intelligent This cute boy approaches her and tells her that he was new and that he wanted to look for someone to hangout with Therefore, she insisted and they became closer and closer and closer Sooner or later she goes out with him They had a pretty strong and good relationship as for now He invited her to a party and she goes to the party with him As he takes her home on the car he pulls over and asks her to have sex with him She denies it and then he insults her and abuses her a Annie Discovers She S Pregnant By Her Boyfriend, She S Devastated She Has Never Felt So Alone With No One She Can Talk To, She Pours Her Heart Out To Her Diary, Confiding Her Feelings Of Panic, Self Doubt, And The Desperate Hope That Some Day She Can Turn Her Life Around She Decides She Wants To Keep Her Baby And Dreams Of Loving And Caring For This Little Person But After The Baby Is Born, It S In Her Diary That She Faces The Agonizing Download Epub Format º Annie's Baby: The Diary of Anonymous, A Pregnant Teenager PDF by Ú Beatrice Sparks Question Can She Really Raise This Child On Her Own I really liked this book because i liked the book go ask alice They are simaler in a way I can t imagine being in the situation that the girl in the bpook is in I like to read dairy books because ever since i read The Diary Of Anne Frank I ve been intrested in theese kind of books particularly because no matter who they are I like to find out what it would be like to even have to imagine how it would be like.
The book that I read was Annie s Baby The Diary of Anonymous, A Pregnant Teenager edited by Beatrice Sparks Beatrice Sparks is known for the understanding of young people The main character Annie then falls head over her heels for this new popular and rich, 16 year old, Danny Even though Annie is only 14 years old and he is older than she is, she begins to think about this kid all the time Once Annie and Danny started dating, she thought he was the perfect man because he cared for her, made her feel special, and always showed love and respect After months of dating, she found out that Danny was the complete opposite of what she thought of After all his insults and mistreating she still stood with him, and he did not mean the things he did and said and believed he will change Her main problem came when she found out that she was pregnant, and Danny was t Annie s Baby The Diary of Anonymous, a Pregnant Teenager is a book written by Beatrice Sparks This is a very sad and hard to understand type of book It is about this regular girl in school with friends and everything was just normal One day some really cute guy started talkin to her because of some excuse that he was new and was looking for some friends to be with and just chill He was really nice and sweet to her All of the sudden it all changed between them two He was pressuring her to have sex with him She didn t want to That didn t stop him She was so submissive and apologized for anything she did wrong After a while they had sexual relations She ended up pregnant He left her because he didn t want the baby Then some time passed and went back toge ☆ Annie's Baby: The Diary of Anonymous, A Pregnant Teenager ☆ I read this book because it relates to a school project I m currently working on, and also because I thought that I would give Ms Sparks yet another chance to redeem herself Nope I ve read three of her so called edited books and my respect for her as a writer decreases and with every page In this particular diary , the main character annoyed me even than Nancy in It Happened to Nancy , a feat that I once deemed impossible Than again, those two books are basically the same a fourteen year old girl with divorced parents gets raped by her older boyfriend The only difference is that Nancy gets AIDS and Annie gets pregnant Annie was dim witted, annoying, and sometimes downright rude.

Terrible Extremely terrible I thought, at the least, it would be a cautionary tale for young teens It tries to pass itself off as an anonymous, implying non fiction, memoir It is so hyperbolically unrealistic, I refuse to believe it is anything other than bad fiction Extremely bad fiction This is a story of an extremely insecure 14 year old girl who gets into a relationship with a hyperbolically monstrous older boy at her junior high and gets pregnant First of all, I don t get how she is insecure She is an athlete, she has great friends, she is active and has the support of her religious community, she has an extremely supportive mother, who as a teacher repetitively mentioned Teacher of the Year for the state , knows teenage behavior and should have been able to identify warning signs But you know what I can buy to a certain extent her insecurity d As a teenage mother, I can say that this book is as far from realistic as it could be I have never in my life met a mother who would have thoughts about their child the way Annie felt for hers I was fifteen years old when I got pregnant and yes it was undoubtedly hard, it still is, but I have never ever wished my daughter were never born I have questioned whether someone else would be better for her than me, but I think that is normal for all new mothers in general This book is degrading to all teenage mothers, it was written to make everyone see us as scum of the earth If it even is a real story, that girl was the most incompetent fool I have ever heard of.
When I got this as a blind item for a quarter at my local library, I thought, well this sounds like it could be a good snark read, and I might be surprised.
The time it sat on my book shelf the less I wanted to put myself through that I m just being honest So I m re donating it to the library I hope the next person enjoys this OR AND snarks it for me I m not saying it was a bad book, I just have low expectations for it Who knows I may regret re donating it D

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