The title was, to me, offputting initially It seemed like false modesty Oh, but I m just an ordinary man But I changed my mind after listening Rusesabagina saved over a twelve hundred people from death during the short massacre in Rwanda in 1994 He calculated that he saved a matter of a few hours worth of deaths, based on the rate of killing in those few months, a rate unsurpassed by any other genocide in recorded history How did he do it And why He gives us quite a clue when he tells us about his childhood His father was a leader in his village, and he was not afraid of death He hid people during an earlier attempt at genocide, in the 1950s He also provided Paul with an example of a person untainted by the ab Riveting Life Story Of Paul Rusesabagina The Man Whose Heroism Inspired The Film Hotel RwandaAs His Country Was Being Torn Apart By Violence During The Rwandan Genocide Of , Hotel Manager Paul Rusesabagina The Oskar Schindler Of Africa Refused To Bow To The Madness That Surrounded Him Confronting Killers With A Combination Of Diplomacy, Flattery, And Deception, He Offered Shelter To Than Twelve Thousand Members Of The Tutsi Clan And Hutu Moderates, While Homicidal Mobs Raged Outside With Machetes An É An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography ¼ Download by ñ Paul Rusesabagina Ordinary Man Explores What The Academy Award Nominated Film Hotel Rwanda Could Not The Inner Life Of The Man Who Became One Of The Most Prominent Public Faces Of That Terrible Conflict Rusesabagina Tells For The First Time The Full Story Of His Life Growing Up As The Son Of A Rural Farmer, The Child Of A Mixed Marriage, His Extraordinary Career Path Which Led Him To Become The First Rwandan Manager Of The Belgian Owned Hotel Milles Collines All Of Which Contributed To His Heroic Actions In The Face Of Such Horror He Will Also Bring The Reader Inside The Hotel For Those One Hundred Terrible Days Depicted In The Film, Relating The Anguish Of Those Who Watched As Their Loved Ones Were Hacked To Pieces And The Betrayal That He Felt As A Result Of The UN S Refusal To Help At This Time Of CrisisIncluding Never Before Reported Details Of The Rwandan Genocide, An Ordinary Man Is Sure To Become A Classic Of Tolerance Literature, Joining Such books As Thomas Keneally S Schindler S List, Nelson Mandela S Long Walk To Freedom, And Elie Wiesel S Night Paul Rusesabagina S Autobiography Is The Story Of One Man Who Did Not Let Fear Get The Better Of Him A Man Who Found Within Himself A Vast Reserve Of Courage And Bravery, And Showed The World How One Ordinary Man Can Become A Hero It s hard to review a true story about something terrible An Ordinary Man An Autobiography, though, isn t a book about the Rwandan massacre it s a book about Paul Rusesabagina s experience of it His voice, his personality, his clear sightedness all come through brilliantly in this co written autobiography.
What struck me most about this book was how apt the title is Under extraordinary circumstances, this ordinary man did the extraordinary He managed to keepthan 1200 people safe while genocide was taking place mere hundreds of yards away.
I won t go into the details of how Rusesabagina managed to do what he did if you want to know, read the book I will just note, though, that he s not a magician He used his skills, training, and supplies at hand to fend off an army What this ordinary man did was amazing, a I have read about the controversy that surrounds Paul Rusesabagina how he has allegedly embellished his role in the saving of over 1,200 lives during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and incites further hate when giving talks about his experiences during that time.
but I am glad that I read this book I remember watching the news in horror all those years ago and reading this book brought back those awful memories If this book is a true account of what happened during those 100 days 1994, then he is indeed a remarkable man.
First, listening to this book on audio was extremely powerful So much so that I actually had to stop the CD, stop the car, then turn it back on to listen to because it was so moving and was making it hard for me to concentrate on driving The author manages to use direct language to tell his amazing story of being the manager of a hotel in Rwanda during the genocide He managed to turn the hotel into a refugee base and, amazingly, held off the militia and other killers for 76 days, saving the lives ofthan 1000 people.
The book provides an extremely harsh view of the world s failure, and particularly the failure of the United States and the United Nations, to intervene in the early days of the genocide to prevent the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people The author also tells the story of both h ☆ An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography ☆ I can t claim I know everything about this, or what happened during the genocide, but since I left for Rwanda in January, I ve been hearing an entirely different story This article summarizes what I ve been hearing on the matteragain, not my expertise, but Rusesabagina is not a hero in Rwanda, and I think there s a good reason.
The book s title is a wry understatement it is an autobiography of Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager whose courage, resourcefulness, shrewd tact and personal presence savedthan 1000 lives when a spasm of genocide swept Rwanda in 1994 It is the story of his entire life, from village childhood in the country of a thousand hills in central Africa, to reluctant exile after the genocide If you have seen the film Hotel Rwanda, you already know about him But where a movie, even a powerfully moving one, gives at most momentary glimpses, this small book paints a muchcomprehensive picture By all means, read it Slowly If you have not seen the film, read the book first, then go watch it The film itself packs an enormous emotional punch, but with the book you suddenly understand it much better Indeed, this ought to be requ

Be careful with this story Paul Rusesabagina is an incredibly controversial and unpopular character in Rwanda on all sides of the conflict, and not just because he s spoken out against Paul Kagame Many Rwandese including victims of the genocide feel as if he exaggerated his tale in order to paint himself in the best light For example, the idea that he was able to save lives by bribing the Interahamwe with the contents of a liquor cabinet is ludicrous Many people believe that he was able to provide safety by carefully choosing who he took in such as the wealthy Tutsi wives of Hutu commanders While Rusesabagina saved many lives, nobody really knows what happened in the Milles Collines and it is possible he cannot be taken a I was only 12 years old when the genocide in Rwanda took place I heard about it on the news my dad watched every night, but admittedly I was not exactly politically observant back then, and the news was nothingthan background noise to me, so I knew next to nothing when I saw Hotel Rwanda The movie was eye opening, to say the least, and I was incredibly moved by it But I hadn t known that Paul Rusesabagina had written a book until very recently when I happened to stumble on it here on Goodreads I m very glad that I discovered it here, and I m evenglad to have read it For some strange reason, I tend to gravitate towards emotionally difficult subject matter when it comes to my reading material I ve only recently realized this about myself, but I ve always been drawn to books about devastating subjects deat

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