Not intended to be funny but I laughed aloud at the ridiculous language of both the therapist and the alleged teenager,who is clearly fictcious This book is a joke.
Preachy nonsense in which depression is cured by positive thoughts and ,apparently,exclamation points Propaganda and boring at that Terrible Worst book I ve ever read.
5 ish.
This was a sweet story but it wasn t very believable And I don t mean as in it doesn t seem nonfictional, I really don t care whether it is or not I just mean that while I m glad this book actually had a happy ending, it seemed so quick and out of the blue Like literally everybody started getting along and being happy again out of nowhere It didn t seem realistic to me I feel like for all the extreme things they d gone through, there needed to be time in between I m also still not sure what to think of therapy in general and yes, I know this isn t representative of all therapy out there There seemed to be some interesting ideas in here that may work I used to be forced to go to one when I was younger, and a lot of good that did me Also, I wasn t the one in my family who needed therapy, and the people who actually needed it never got it But I digress I didn t really like one of this book was a complete ripoff the cover and back indicate that it s going to be a firsthand account of life on the streets by a homeless teenager Instead, it s a never ending conversation between an uninspired psychiatrist and a teen which is poorly written, self absorbed, and unrealistic It turned out that the author made up the entire thing and that there never was a Sammy.
This one was Cringe Not the storyline, that could ve worked on its own even if it was pretty heavy handed as per usual with Sparks books But the dialogue was just EMBARRASSING Do therapists talk like that Do PEOPLE talk like that Just Ugh.
In His Right Mind Wants To Talk To A Shrink I Don T Want To Talk About Anything I Don T Want To Feel Anything, Taste Anything Or Anything The Lyrics Just Dying To Die Run Around In My Brain Day And NightFifteen Year Old Sam Is In Pain He Comes To The Therapist S Office Unwillingly, Angry, Depressed, And Filled With Guilt Over His Own Self Destructive Behavior He Is [Beatrice Sparks] ñ Almost Lost: The True Story of an Anonymous Teenager's Life on the Streets (Avon Flare Book) [realistic-young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ô Being Drawn Deeper And Deeper Into A Black Hole Of Despair From Which He Sees No Way OutThe Road BackThis Is The Real Life Story Of Sam S Recovery, Told From Tapes Of His Therapy Sessions It Tells What Drove Him To Leave Home, How He Survived On The Street, And Why He Was Desperate To Escape From The Brutality Of The Gang That Had Become His Family And From The Torment Of His Own Self Loathing For Every Teen Who Has Experienced The Pain And Loneliness Of A No Way Out Darkness, And For All Those Who Love Them, Here Is The Light That Can Lead The Way Back

My teen daughter and I read this book together, and we both really learned a lot from it Ms Sparks shares dozens of therapy techniques we can use individually and as a family at home to improve our mental health, communication, and relationships The story is told from an omniscient point of view and focuses exclusively on the therapy sessions, not Sammy s life outside of the therapist s office Because it s not told in first person, the tone can sound clinical at times rather than personal, but that approach reduces triggers for readers who may be affected by depression, anxiety, drug alcohol use, or abuse Overall, this is an excellent book and one worth sharing with families and young teens who struggle with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and or relationship challenges.
Almost Lost: The True Story of an Anonymous Teenager's Life on the Streets (Avon Flare Book) ☆ This could be a great story if it were actually true and not written poorly I found the language used by the alleged 15 year old to be laughable and wholly unrealistic I don t think this book is intended to be funny, but here are some quotes from a 15 year old that made me laugh out loud At last, when I was thoroughly intoxicated by the action and the attention, and I felt I had almost won the fracas As I started to drift off into dim delicious delirious drug dreams Man that hits a harmonious chord in my dissonance filled brain Doesn t he sound like the dandiest dude of dudedom I can usually finish a book It s very rare when I can t I just couldn t finish this Endless conversations between a therapist and patient Therapist keeps asking if he wants to stop and patient says No On and on with no solutions in sight I don t know the ending Didn t finish Sad waste of reading time.
The writing, which is mainly in dialogue from sessions of therapy, is the book s downfall The dialogue is horrible, unrealistic, and just plain awful.
Who in his right mind wants to talk to a shrink I don t want to talk about anything I don t want to feel anything, taste anything or anything The lyrics just dying to die run around in my brain day and night 15 year old Sam goes into a therapist office unwillingly, he goes in completely resentful, filled with hatred, depressed, and just self destructive Beatrice Spark s, Almost Lost changed how I feel about depression, hate, pain and anything similar After reading this book, I learned that you can overcome anything no matter how much you think otherwise.
I would say the theme of this book would be to never give up No matter how depressed, resentful, or full of hate you may be, it s never too late to make a full recovery to happiness This book illu

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