It has been awhile since I have found a book that I wanted to read slowly so that I could soak in every detail in hopes that the last page seems to never come When reading the synopsis of this novel, I never imagined that I would feel so connected to a book where one of the main characters is blind and the other a brilliant young German orphan who was chosen to attend a brutal military academy under Hitler s power using his innate engineering skills.
This novel was so muchthan the above states The idiosyncrasies of each individual character are so well defined and expressed in such ways that come across the page almost lyrically I was invited into the pages and could not only imagine the atmosphere, but all of my senses were collectively enticed fr I m sure this is going to mark me as a literary dud, but for all the brilliant reviews of this book I couldn t really get into it.
The book revolves around Marie Laure, a blind girl who lives with her father Her father is the locksmith at the Paris Museum of Natural History, and Marie is raised wholly in the museum and at home Marie has a semi idyllic childhood until the Nazi s invade Paris and she and her father have to flee to another city, where a reclusive uncle lives Unknown to Marie, her father is smuggling the world s most priceless jewel out of the city on behalf of the museum Unfortunately for them, a German soldier is hot on the trail of the jewel, and will go to extreme lengths to find it.
Werner is a German orphan who teaches himself everything to do with radios after repairing a senior ranking G I always thought, or imagined, that there were these invisible lines trembling in our wake, outlining our trajectories through life, throbbing with electric energy Lines that sometimes cross one other, or follow in parallel ellipses without ever touching, or meet up for one brief moment and then part A universe of lines crisscrossing in the void.
Anthony Doerr s astonishing new novel All the Light We Cannot See follows the complex arcs of two such invisible lines through the lives of Werner Pfennig, an orphan boy in pre World War II Germany and Marie Laure Leblanc, a blind girl living in Paris with her father Through riveting flash forwards and flash backs, the novel charters the course of their lives as they struggle to find out wether it is possible to real Adult fictionThis book is getting a lot of well deserved attention for its unique story and its beautiful writing It starts late in World War II, as the Allies begin shelling the French city of Saint Malo to drive out the remaining Nazi troops Our two main characters are Marie Laure, a blind French girl who fled here with her uncle from Paris, and Werner, a radio expert in the German army who is stuck in the city when the attack begins We jump back and forth in time, and between the two characters perspectives to see how both young people were brought to this place.
If you like straight ahead, linear, plot driven war novels, this is not the book for you It does have a central plot that brings the two characters together a mystery about a possibly magic gem hunted by an evil, terminally ill Nazi officer but t ☆ All the Light We Cannot See ✓ This is a carefully constructed book which is bound to captivate a large audience and become very popular, and be blessed with many warm reviews it was chosen by Goodreads members as the best historical fiction of 2014, and shortlisted for the National Book Award There are multiple reasons for its success but they are also the same reasons as to why I didn t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.
Anthony Doerr s All the Light We Cannot See follows the parallel lives of two protagonists Marie Laure, a French girl and daughter of a master locksmith at the Natural History Museum in Paris the other character is Werner Pfenning, a German boy growing up in the mining town of Zollverein Their lives are drawn against the brewing conflict, which will soon engulf

Why write a review if I am such an atypical reader I will keep this brief since I feel most readers will not react as I have, but isn t it important that all views are voiced All readers must agree that the flipping back and forth between different time periods makes this bookconfusing I believe it must be said loudly and clearly that the current fascination with multiple threads and time shifts is only acceptable when they add something to the story, when employment of such improves the story In this book they do not improve the story Perhaps jumping from one scene to another can increase suspense, but must one also flip back and forth in time In addition,andbooks are made for audios, and this is not helpful when you cannot flip back to see where you are Finally, tim 4 20 15 PULITZER WINNER for 2014The brain is locked in total darkness of course, children, says the voice It floats in a clear liquid inside the skull, never in the light And yet the world it constructs in the mind is full of light It brims with color and movement So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of lightMarie Laure LeBlanc is a teen who had gone blind at age 6 She and her father, Daniel, fled Paris ahead of the German invasion, arriving in the ancient walled port city of Saint Malo in northwest France to stay with M L s great uncle, Etienne His PTSD from WW I had kept him indoors for two decades They bring with them a large and infamous diamond, to save it from the Nazis D Honestly, wtf I mean, we all know the blind person trope Daredevil, etc and the lovable Nazi trope Hiroshima Mon Amour and the mystical object searched for by evil Nazis trope Indiana Jones , so why throw all of these together The book was readable but noso than a pulp fiction thriller Honestly, I don t see this as being Pulitzer quality The characters were ok, the narration interesting, but a masterpiece The best US fiction in 2015 Perhaps not And please don t accuse me of being too harsh All Quiet on the Western Front, Winds of War, and The Sympathizer are all better war stories than this one Might as well give Bob Dylan a Nobel for Literature while you are at itoh damn, they did Still not happy with this one Sorry, but I just cannot appreciate it.
So how, children, does the brain, which lives without a spark of light, build for us a world full of light I m going to be honest love for this book didn t hit me straight away In fact, my first attempt to read it last year ended with me putting it aside and going to find something easier, lighter and less descriptive to read I know meh, what a quitter.
But this book is built on beautiful imagery Both in the literal sense the physical world of 1940s Paris Germany and the metaphorical It s woven with scientific and philosophical references to light, to seeing and not seeing, and the differences between the two It s a beautiful work of genius, but it does get a little dense at times the prose bloated by details.
However, when we get into the meat of this WWII novel, it s also the harrowing story of a childhood torn apart An Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereFrom The Highly Acclaimed, Multiple Award Winning Anthony Doerr, The Stunningly Beautiful Instant New York Times Bestseller About A Blind French Girl And A German Boy Whose Paths Collide In Occupied France As Both Try To Survive The Devastation Of World War IIMarie Laure Lives In Paris Near The Museum Of Natural History, Where Her Father Works When She Is Twelve, The Nazis Occupy Paris And Father And Daughter Flee To The Walled ✓ All the Light We Cannot See ↠´ Download by Ð Anthony Doerr Citadel Of Saint Malo, Where Marie Laure S Reclusive Great Uncle Lives In A Tall House By The Sea With Them They Carry What Might Be The Museum S Most Valuable And Dangerous JewelIn A Mining Town In Germany, Werner Pfennig, An Orphan, Grows Up With His Younger Sister, Enchanted By A Crude Radio They Find That Brings Them News And Stories From Places They Have Never Seen Or Imagined Werner Becomes An Expert At Building And Fixing These Crucial New Instruments And Is Enlisted To Use His Talent To Track Down The Resistance Deftly Interweaving The Lives Of Marie Laure And Werner, Doerr Illuminates The Ways, Against All Odds, People Try To Be Good To One Another

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