I chose to read this book in honor of my teammate who loves it Lauren Waters I think that boys in particular would connect to this all male character list, starring 10 year old ward of the state Moon Blake Between living in the forest, to being held in a boys home, to breaking out and living in the wild again, there is never a dull moment It is also interesting to watch Moon s friendships with Hal and Kit develop, since friends are really all he has Finally, knowing that a ten year old cannot live on his own forever makes the book especially page turning, since the reader wants to know how the story will end I enjoyed this tale defining survival and family.
It was surprising to me, how even though the overal subject seemed just okay, it s really when you get down and read that the little details suck you in and make you keep reading He really makes your feelings for Moon twist and turn between tough guy and helpless ten year old In the beginning, I jumped up on the seat of my chair and leaped across the counter to land on Mr Abroscotto Key 27 posses him as a ferocious kid He keeps even this outsider with his childish roots, I bit into it and the sugar tasted so good that I almost closed my eyes while I chewed 35 But inevitably once again even in the beginning ferocity returns, I took a deep breath, balled my fist, and socked him in the crotch 40 Key kept the word choice limited as the story takes place in Moon s head mostly, and he s not overly educated but doesn t use first grade words all the time There weren t many real standout Afraid of the government and wanting to go to Alaska that is thousands of miles away only having some food a rifle and a wheelbarrow you get caught a few times and are in jail this is what happened to the protagonist in the story Alabama Moon I highly recommend this book to readers that like adventure, action, and survival.
I m going to read this book but I can say with confidence that it will be 5 stars regardless of actual content.
I can say that because my son is at that age where he is perfectly between girl crazy Calvin and Hobbes adoring outdoor survival obsessed I believe it s called pre adolescence.
And the other day for the first time EVER he sat in his room for hours reading alone and listening to music too loudly.
When he got up to use the bathroom I teased him by asking if his seclusion was the beginning of his journey into Teenage hood He teased me back by saying why, yes Mommy I think it is and then we had a goofy and dramatic hug goodbye to his childhood but really inside I wasn t feeling goofy because I know it s just the beginning of the inevitable But for now he s still bridging the worlds enough that he ll share most anything Moon Blake has lived with his father in the woods in a primitive shelter for as long as he can remember His pap taught him everything he knows about survival in the wild, which is good, because when he breaks his leg and dies from the infection he leaves Moon all on his own Pap gives Moon instructions to make his way to Alaska, where he s likely to find other cadres of people who don t like the government and want to be free to live their own lives in their own way Moon s not sure how to go about getting to Alaska, so he stops to ask for directions from the only other person he knows the man who owns the shop where he and his pap sell their vegetables and hides The man contacts the authorities once Moon leaves, and this turns into a real show as people who don t even know Moon try to do the right thing and plug him back into the system Moon has no desire to live in an orphana

Moon is a 10 year old boy who s been raised in the woods by his father When his father dies, he has no idea who to trust or where to go, and immediately gets himself into trouble with the law When I read the summary, I thought the story was going to take place a long time ago, but the setting is Alabama in 1980.
The characters in this story are fascinating and believable, and the story made me cry I would recommend it to fans of wilderness survival Hatchet, My Side of the Mountain or realistic fiction, such as How to Steal a Dog O Connor or The Mailbox Audrey Shafer.
Í Alabama Moon à This book that I am currently reading is Alabama Moon and it is about a boy named Moon and his Pap They find a place to live but instead Moon has to go to a boys home because he was in the woods and his Pap died from an infection in his foot He meets some boys in the boys home Then Hal, Kit, and Moon decide to escape from the boys home, so they did.
I don t like this book because it doesn t have any action in it or comedy, and I usually prefer mysteries It s boring because it s sad because they talk about escaping, running, and people dying Moon,Hal,Pap,Kit, Mr Aborcrotto, and Sanders are some of the characters.
I would pick Moon as my favorite because he s smart and caring to other people.
I don t have a least favorite character because no one is mean in this book.
I would give it a two because it s boring, not interesting, or appealing to me, and I am not liking the characters.
THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BewareI heard of this book through my book club and at first, I wasn t very eager to read it as it wouldn t be a book I would pick up on a library shelf Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it and I am very happy that I read it I liked the plot in general, learned a LOT of things about wilderness and survival skills, I enjoyed the description paragraphs, the character developments, I went through a series of emotions and feel attached to several characters I got into the book right at the beginning However, it started pretty sad, with Pap s death and Moon not knowing what to do, etc But I thought that sometimes, there wasn t much action so that gave me the impression it was a little bit slow Still, I give five stars because I enjoyed this book A LOT I cried when Kit died, evidently I look forward in reading the novel about Hal.
This is one of several reviews I wrote for the late lamented Secular Homeschooling Magazine.
We ran an article about homeschoolers in fiction, and I rated a lot of YA novels based on how good they were and how well they handled homeschooling Mostly, homeschoolers were hauled out as the reliable weirdos in story after story but it was still fun to do so much reading and call it my job.
So Alabama Moon, by Watt KeyCategory Creepy backwoods illegal homeschoolingSummary Occasional trips into town for supplies are the only times Moon gets to see anyone other than his father, or glimpse the world outside their tiny hidden home Just before he dies, Moon s father advises Moon to leave Alabama and go to Alaska to seek others of their kind people who know how to live off the land and refuse to have any relationship with the governme As Long As Ten Year Old Moon Can Remember, He Has Lived Out In The Forest In A Shelter With His Father They Keep To Themselves, Their Only Contact With Other Human Beings An Occasional Trip To The Nearest General Store When Moon S Father Dies, Moon Follows His Father S Last Instructions To Travel To Alaska To Find Others Like Themselves But Moon Is Soon Caught And Entangled In A World He Doesn T Know Or Understand He S Become Property Of The Government He Has Trailer á Alabama Moon PDF by ↠´ Watt Key Been Avoiding All His Life As The Spirited And Resourceful Moon Encounters Constables, Jails, Institutions, Lawyers, True Friends, And True Enemies, He Adapts His Wilderness Survival Skills And Learns To Survive In The Outside World, And Even, Perhaps, Make His Home There Alabama Moon Is ABank Street Best Children S Book Of The Year

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