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n This book the revised version, dated 2007 tells the story of the discovery of Homo floresiensis hobbit remains on the island of Flores, the analyses to discover who these people were and what relationship they had with Homo sapiens, and the jealous scientists who tried to undermine the discoverers credibility and who damaged the fossils.
This book covers the fossils themselves as well as the history of human, hobbit, crop, and animal arrivals and extinctions on the island It also discusses the modern day people of Flores and their lifestyle.
A quote from the book, The most important find in paleoanthropology for 50 years In parts, there seems to be a little too much emphasis on the politics and wranglings between the International Indonesian labs but the arguments against genetic morthology are solid and well explained meaning we do indeed have a new human who incredibly lived until 12,000 years ago How equally incredible that JRR Tolkien s masterpiece has been echoed to some extent in this scientific find, even down to the Hobbits large feet and fire breathing dragons the Komodos which lived on the island of Flores Tolkien would have been lost for words Interesting account of the unearthing of a new species of human Great over view of man s progression and the geologic forces that have shaped the stage where our lives and those of our very distant ancestors were lived out on I was aware of the internecine conflicts that exist in academia, but it was distressing nevertheless In addition to rivals who debunked the meanings of the find to protect their own egos, there was also political maneuvering as elders in the Indonesian government tried to jockey for position True brilliance, creativity, and originality are never given the latitude to soar with the eagles Rather they are pecked relentlessly by turkeys Some scientists become rigid in their adherence to a particular paradigm and torque the findings to conform with their particular bias Due to misplaced national pride, the remains were confiscated and damaged while One of the most interesting and thought provoking books I have read in some time.

It wasn t that startling or strange Most of the book is the author discussing why he believes it s part of the homo lineage and his fights for the credit and rights of the discovery Yet another reminder for why I try to avoid academia.
¹ A New Human: The Startling Discovery and Strange Story of the "Hobbits" of Flores, Indonesia à I found the actual discovery and science interesting The politics of the situation bored me I skimmed through large sections looking for the next chunk to grab me.
Fantastic summary of the research leading up to, during and post discovery of the Hobbit Homo floriensis A testament to Morwood and his team.
This book is a very quick read at just a couple of hundred pages, and while this was an interesting account of the discovery of the small diminutive fossil Homo floresiensis in the Liang Bua limestone cave on the Indonesian island of Flores, the book is largely a description of the controversy that erupted among members of the academic community regarding the interpretation and role of the floresiensis fossils in better understanding hominin evolution In fact, upon finishing the book, I still really didn t have a better understanding of exactly what these fossils mean and where the research with respect to the direction that southeastern Asian paleontology anthropology is headed Clearly, the discoverers of Homo floresiensis, Mike Morwood and his team, feel like they were badly used by many in academia, and that s too bad I guess I would have liked a bitof scientifically October , A Team Of Australian And Indonesian Anthropologists Led By Mike Morwood And Raden Pandji Soejono Stunned The World With Their Announcement Of The Discovery Of The First Example Of A New Species Of Human, Homo Floresiensis, Which They Nicknamed The Hobbit This Was No Creation Of Tolkien S Fantasy, However, But A Tool Using, Fire Making, Cooperatively Hunting Person The Morwood And His Colleagues Revealed About The Find, The Astonishing It Became [Mike Morwood] ð A New Human: The Startling Discovery and Strange Story of the "Hobbits" of Flores, Indonesia [addition PDF] read Online ï Standing Only Three Feet Tall With Brains A Little Larger Than A Can Of Cola, The Hobbits Forced Anthropologists And Everyone To Reconsider What It Means To Be HumanMorwood S Work Was No Ordinary Academic Exercise Along The Way He Had To Tread Warily Through The Cultural Landscape Of Indonesia He Has An Embarrassing Mishap With Some Hard To Chew Pork And He Demonstrated That Sometimes The Life Of A Real Archaeologist Can Be A Bit Like Indiana Jones S When He Risked His Neck In An Ocean Going Raft To Experience How Ancient Indonesians Might Have Navigated The ArchipelagoEven , Morwood Had To Navigate The Rock Shoals Of An Archaeological Bureaucracy That Could Be Obtuse And Even Spiteful, And When The Hobbits Became Embroiled In Scientific Controversy As No Find Of Such Magnitude Could Avoid It Proved Easy For Morwood To Get Nearly Swamped With Trouble Finds Were Stolen And Damaged, And The Backbiting Was Fierce But The Light Of Science, Once Brightened, Is Difficult To Dim, And The Story Of The Indefatigable Morwood S Fight To Defend His Find Discovery Is An Inspiration

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