Very enjoyable.

(Series rating) A nice little taster and onto the next one!!! 'Carnalli Crisis' And His Brothers Celebrate Christmas In An Unusual Way
Anal, COMPLETE, Fet, HJ, Inc, MM, Trailer ✓ A Carnalli Christmas (Carnalli Brothers, #1.
1) PDF by Ç Passhenette1 Oneshot ALL THEY WANT ON CHRISTMAS IS SEX.

As expected, our horny, carnal, and hot brothers are at it again.
fucking each other on Christmas Eve.

How's this different from the other times? Just read on to find out! ;) That was super fast! This was way too short.
And feels like it ends in the middle of a story.
Could've been a bit longer to finish off the scene it started at least.
A short Christmas story where all the brothers minus Quentin take a poke at Alain during their Christmas party.
Ö A Carnalli Christmas (Carnalli Brothers, #1.
☆ This one is short but totally hilarious! 😄👍🏻 There was potential here but it felt like it was cut off in the middle of a scene.

2 Stars "All my brothers wanted a turn and they wanted it during the party".
That pretty much summarizes the story.
It wasn't bad, but the last scene needs a continuation.
It cut off abruptly just when the best part was starting.

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